AROS: More than 85,000 d/loads! And OS is still incomplete!

Started by Raffaele the Amigan, April 28, 2008, 11:15:37 am

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Raffaele the Amigan

WOW! More than 85000 downloads...  o_o

And remember we are talking of an OS that it is still incomplete and lacks of many features!  ;015


;019  ;019  ;019

24 April 2008

Yesterday evening Jan Zahurancik from the AmiKit Website gave me access to his site statistics and I simply couldn't believe in my eyes: about 85,000 people have downloaded VmwAROS beta 0.7, with an amazingly high preference for the Live! version. In practice, from April 14th to 16th VmwAROS moved more than 15 TB of bandwidth. I would really like to thank everyone involved in this great success! Unluckily, it seems someone has linked the files directly, and not our download page. Please don't do like this: download URLs may change for technical reasons (it actually happened yesterday). Use these addresses instead:

for the classic VMware hosted version of VmwAROS

for the new Live-CD version (VmwAROS LIVE!)
they will be always updated to the latest version and will provide all necessary download links. Using these pages will also allow me to keep track of referring sites. Thank you!

Posted by Paolo Besser at 00:29

In the meanwhile AROS upgraded from version 7.0 to 7.0.1 that correct random bugs at bootstrap that afflict some hardware configurations:
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So, is that a version of AROS that runs in VMWare...?

I have to say, I'd be kinda neat to try out an Amiga-like OS...


On this computer I am using right now I used to have VMWare Workstation or something like that but now it lacks many features. I can't even STAND BY.
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