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Started by Darknight_88, April 04, 2008, 11:06:20 pm

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Not so recent news are kinda exiting. But I just discovered this today and since there's no thread here despite being such an interesting topic...

Shamelessly copypasted from ANN:

Quote from: "Anime News Network"
Gonzo Works to be Streamed Simultaneously with Airing

The Japanese media company GDH has announced that the YouTube, Crunchyroll, and BOST online video services will be streaming new titles from GDH's Gonzo animation studio â€" worldwide and on the same day as their Japanese broadcast. The video streams, which will be in Japanese with English subtitles, will start with The Tower of Druaga: the Aegis of Uruk (pictured at right) and Blassreiter anime series. Druaga will premiere on April 4, and Blassreiter will premiere on April 5.

All three video services offer their content via streaming, although GDH also mentioned "fee-based download of high-resolution movie files" in its press release. America's Viz Media offered NTV's Death Note episodes for download within half a year of their Japanese broadcast, but GDH's new initiative is the first global, simultaneous streaming of multiple series from a major anime studio.

GDH added that its "decision to provide its content globally in parallel with Japanese broadcast is an effort to offer equal accessibility and new viewing opportunities to fans around the world, while at the same time showcasing a legal online alternative to illegal file-sharing and downloading." GDH also emphasized that these services are for foreign viewers only; the company already has deals in place to stream its content through services within Japan.

Source: http://www.animenewsnetwork.com/news/2008-03-21/gonzo-works-to-be-streamed-simultaneously-with-airing
Visit the source for more information. Or just google, duh...

A subbed, Japan-Internet simultaneous release? ALMOST DO WANT.
I don't want to sound too exigent, but the quality of streamed  animu leaves a lot to be desired. Specially since we're already spoiled by the decent-quality releases from fansubs.

So, what are you thoughts /osc/?


Well. I really, really hope that they do a good job at the subbing.
Otherwise it's like shooting yourself in the foot. With a chainsaw.

Also the fact that they are going to stream them on YooToob makes me worry a bit. I mean, QUALITY much? I fear the pixelate and the part-vids. Ueegh.

But it's a step in the right direction, I'll have to say that. Very good to see that someone at least is realizing that the old-fashioned way of distribution won't work anymore in this digital age. Now if we only could see the music business do the same, I'd be overjoyed - sadly that doesn't seem likely to happen anytime this decade.


Quote from: "NejinOniwa"that the old-fashioned way of distribution won't work anymore in this digital age.


I dont really care if the anime comes live streamed from japan or a couple of weeks later.

So this is now the legal(huh?) option to watch anime?
As i read one discussion about illegality of fansubs on Danbooru, my
opinion is still that distribution of tv-broadcasted anime should still be legal. DVD and movie releases in the otherhand should be illegal or suitable for a "free distribution" system like that^

Wonder if the subtitles are much Engrished?

blah, blah, im talking nonsense again...


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