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Started by Red-Machine, February 15, 2009, 12:28:17 pm

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ehh.. not really.. von daab puts me to shame.  He is faster, draws more often, and draws more acuratly. For every drawing I post, i drew like 6 I threw away for being no good.  the ones that do turn out usually have been redrawn a few times and I take twice as long as most people i know. Good think im not trying to make a living out of it, cus id be fired for being so slow.

come to think of it, im not even sure i remember how to do most of the coloring type stuff to make your background.. its been so long since I touched photoshop...
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Lol, if you take more time to do it you can be sure it's perfect!

And I'm sure you'll do fine.  My Photoshop skills suck and I can still throw out half-decent stuff.
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Are you going to create an icon space on the left, becuse depending on the wallpaper, i sometimes align them horizontally at the top aswell, plus i have only 6 icons ever (computer, docs, trash, chrome and two folders; Gamez and Appz) to reduce clutter and prevent ugly icons from messing up the wallpaper...
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Fewer is better!

I think it's better without icons!  ;047

I usually using an external application launcher to start a program from tray and keep my desktop clean.