How to put your favorite OS-Tan In your windows start screen

Started by AlanRozenKreuz, January 14, 2008, 07:36:00 pm

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...yeah, you do that, I'll just go stand over here for a while, get a nice shirt with nice long arms for you... *zip*


my xp-tan will be safer if i dont install this.
why? she doesnt shows some stuff at start menu, neither is having a good relationship with vga-tan. i'd better dont keep it goin worse.


I just tried using Stardock Bootscreen and it worked great. It seemed the safer way to accomplish this especially since I wouldn't know where to start, using the way Odin Yggdrasil is talking about.

Odin Yggdrasil

Well the toughest part about doing it the hard way is you have to disable XP-tan's builtin system file protection, otherwise she just changes it right back on the next reboot. I'd have to look up how again myself, so for the time being I am leaving mine with just XP-tan and Vis-tan side by side on my desktop since at the moment they are sharing this hard drive.

XP-tan is my working OS, since she runs well and does everything I need, while Vis-tan at the moment is a bit of a test. She can do most of what I need, but doesn't seem to run well enough yet to satisfy my computing requirements.



I'd try this if my family weren't so darn paranoid about me crashing it. I mean, I did trash my old 98, but I was about 9 at the time. I wouldn't go sticking .txt's in the system folders to try and get the startup to say that my brother was stupid now, would I?!


I modified my start-up screen on Windows 2000 years ago (No 2k-tan start up screen; just my own custom black start-up screen made by taking the graphics of Windows 2000 Server's start-up screen, recoloring it, changing the text a little bit, and then plastering over the Windows 2000 Professional start-up screen).

Unfortunately, I lost it when I upgraded my PC (Switching out for a more powerful processor, which 2k-tan didn't like such a drastic change and died on me, forcing me to format and reinstall). I've yet to recreate it, but I might eventually.


Quote from: "Nakilio"For Windows Vista you only have to download this software:

¸Vista boot logo generator

Then follow these instructions:

How to change boot screen in Vista

Vista Master and Vista Visual Master have integrated Boot-screen and Log-on screen generators, and a load of other things. They're pretty much the ultimate solution for personalizing Vista, IMHO. And they're obviously freeware.