Looking at the admin to an upcoming server

Started by ShinraKenshin, August 03, 2005, 12:00:43 AM

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 Folks your beloved Mod for the general gaming well create a server for the ragnarok lovers now I well need some Gm staff for this new upcoming server it will come soon to the world in winter 2005 . Any how leave your messages on this post and I get back to you .  

L33t 4g3nt

 I don't have RO because I don't want to pay...How do free servers work? Is your server going to be free?


 Yes its free but donations would be thankful * wink wink * at the moment Im looking for scripters , web site dudes that can make one and two others for gm staff. But hey any one is welcomed for a good challange on my server once I get it running .