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Started by VonDaab, December 21, 2007, 12:55:03 pm

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Yeah, so I though it was time for me to start a thread for my own art,
instead of just spamming the other threads.
Haven't been drawing much lately but still I got some stuff post.

I'm trying to keep this thread much as possible OS-related and hopefully I won't spam this with MSPaint stuff.

Yeah so the art. *puts on some elevator music*
First a couple weeks old sketchy.
In the same drawing session I experimented with some styles.

Some We-tan.
Chibified We.

Going to upload more when I get something drawn.(can take some time)

Oh, lastly. Some christmas themed drawing.


*quickly pops in*

Well,... it's no User Gallery, but I'm game with this.  ^___^

Good job!  And what a way to make a memorable Grand Opening than with an Xmas pic of this calibre.  -v-

*quickly pops out*


-_- oy, another one..

oh well, good art anyways, so its forgiven
"YOU IDIOT!!" -Kasen Ibara

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Quote from: "C-Chan"Well,... it's no User Gallery

You know what?...

... I just created myself an user gallery.
21 images have been uploaded.

Quote from: "CaptBrenden"-_- oy, another one..

oh well, good art anyways, so its forgiven

Is it wrong to make threads like this?


Ive expressed my views on it before in other threads like it.. it is not against the rules, but i feel its better to use the existing anyone can post threads.    Hence why I dont have one.  But its up to you.
"YOU IDIOT!!" -Kasen Ibara

Commisions Available - Send PM for details.


QuoteIve expressed my views on it before in other threads like it.. it is not against the rules, but i feel its better to use the existing anyone can post threads. Hence why I dont have one. But its up to you.

Personally I think categorization like this is a good thing, actually - I've never been one for organizing things but when it comes to the digital, which can be so easily lost altogether if you don't - and besides is much easier to organize in the first place - I've learned the lesson that you'd better if you want it available when you need it.

Oh, and personal liking from Resident Ninja Pirate on these, VonDaab. There has always been a lack of (good) WE-tan art, and seeing more of it always makes me happy. GJ! ^_^


Fufufu... don't worry, VonDaab.  ^___^
If the Captain gets all serious and guilt-trippy and stuff, it's because he loves you to bits, and doesn't want to see you sprout your wings and leave the nest so to speak.  ^v^
Besides, I searched high and low and still can't find an "Anyone's Art Thread", just a place to get free cookies (and no, that wasn't technically my idea).  ^V^

I will say that creating too many threads can be detrimental to one's own health -- not that you have to worry since this is just your first, and from the sound of it the "only" thread you'll ever need.  ^^

But I speak through experience, because when I got here this place was a veritable ghost town and needed some activity fast.  With the exception of a few predecessors I never met, it seems to me like I was the first to draw an original OS-tan, so of course it didn't hurt to create an "Amiga OS-tan" thread and then eventually a "Palm-chan" one.

But things evolve, and thankfully artwork started getting churning more regularly in the forum.  By the time I got to PTS-DOS-tan, I was already swamped with threads, and moreover single character threads had become obsolete given that new and original characters were becoming the norm of OSC..  So I had to agree to consolidate my efforts, first in the Annex Project, then once that was retired to the Wiki I settled down with Concoctions and have been happy ever since.  

There's also the user gallery too -- and I thank you for opening your own!  ^V^ -- but that's basically to post your own work as, in practice, very few people actually leave comments.  ^^;

This discussion part occurs here, and like Nejin-said, a little organization helps a lot.  Even within a single thread, it's often impossible to backtrack on previous work (I have to wade through 50 pages to find one of Aurora's old pics), so imagine the nightmare of having to sift through 200+ pages for anything!!!  @v@


Moral of this Wall-O-Text story:  Please don't sweat the small stuff, and just draw.  -v-




Woohoo! You've got a thread and gallery now! :D

I love the XP/Inu-T Christmas pic! They're two of my favorite Windows-tans! I look forward to seeing more of your work in your new thread....


Hmm... been a while since I updated this.
Main reason is that I haven't drawn any OS related in a long time.

Only thing I can now post is a sketch I did today in electronics class.
Somekind of Su-47 mecha musume thingie, drawn without any reference so theres kinda nothing that resembles the real thing.


Nice sketch! Even though I don't know much about mecha musume ;)


Awesome Blossom!  Almost thought VonDaab forgot his own thread.  ^.^'

May just seem like a sketch to you,... but you do realize this is a very historic occasion, no?  Our first home-brewed Mecha Musume!!  ^v^

*pops champagne bottle*

And a cute one too boot (complete with VonDaab's trademark cat-like expression), plus its based off a very impressive experimental plane.  I used it quite a lot back when I played C&C Generals (well okay,... one of its Mods that sadly never got finished).  

Not a hard plane to get a hold of pictures of:

...But as you can see, you pretty much got it right from memory.  Right down to the fact that it's actual designation is S-37 (confusing, eh?  ^^; )

BTW, don't know much about firearms, so I'm wondering what it is that she's holding that looks sorta/kinda like a sniper rifle.


First Mecha musume of OSC? oh wow.

The rifle is a Dragunov SVD, Designated marksman rifle(even though the term DMR wasn't even invented when this gun was first made).
I did it aswell from my memory, so don't expect it to match with the real one.

Even though SVD and Su-47 has nothing to do with each other, both of them being from totaly different times, I later read that the main cannon GSh-30-1 of the Su-47 was indeed a really accurate gun.


oooh,... so I was right about the sniper rifle part.  ^^
Should've realized that, since that's the gun one of the characters from Gunslinger Girl uses.

And as far as I know, the SU-47 does employ stealth technology.  So, to back up your claim....

Stealth = sniping

Berkut = Stealth


Berkut = sniping.

Good move.  ^.^


Woah, nice images you go there... I liked the Russian plane-themed sniper girl sketch and the Xmass IMG the best.

Anyways, good job on all of these... no really... I mean it!

Hopefully seeming more of these my inspire me into making some of my own OS stuff.
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