Tales of Symphonia II - Ratatosuku no Kishi

Started by NejinOniwa, October 26, 2007, 02:55:38 pm

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And I thought they never made sequels to "Tales"-games...
Not that I'm disappointed though - this will be THE reason for me buying a Wii after new year's sometime.
Yes, they're making a sequel to the number one Tales-game of all time (according to me, and many others), and we're going back to Sylvarant.

Or well, technically not, since the worlds are now fused, but...

Ah well. Little is known as of yet of the game, except for the two new characters it'll be introducing, and that it'll star the older chars as well - but to get ya in the mood, here's a trailer.



Aww.. Now I have to get a Wii too....
Great another game inspired system purchase
I need to buy a PSP for Disgaea: Afternoon of Darkness
I need to buy a Wii for the new Tales sequel, and Brawl too...
I wonder whats going to make me buy a 360, I've been hearing about IdolM@ster and avoiding research of it for fear that I will then need to acquire the 360. Damn my lack of income. I need to get more moneys so that I can buy systems... ;-; But to pay for all the systems I'd need to work far too much to play games... Quite a conundrum if you ask me. Oh well I suppose I could just go back to that organ business, oh wait they forbid that in the Geneva convention didn't they? To hell with them, it isn't technically a war crime because I'm not at war, right? But then again did they cover crimes against humanity.....(trails off)
-wanders down hall talking to self-


FFFFFFUCK YEAH, TOS 2! Namco had BETTER NOT drop this game or there will be hell to pay.
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