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Started by CaptBrenden, July 25, 2005, 12:13:10 AM

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 Lord of anime girls eh? then im ....IM umm Lord of the Progenitor Virus! BUWAHAHAHAHAH * jumps through the window* same I agree with the idea as well. Just include the writers in that XD.  


 You guys are the writers, im along for the ride.  Im just letting you know what kind of stuff Im interested in drawing.  

Tablets are not easy, they are not an instant fix solution to having problems drawing on the computer.  I got mine about 4 months ago (watcom intuos 3)  and i practice with it every chance i get and im just now getting to the point where i can comftrably sketch with it. I still have to ink using the Pen tool In photoshop.

Ill work on a few quick example pics.  I think 95 and 98 would be a good idea. They are two of my favorite but there are so few pictures of them compaired to the other girls.
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 Okay then...

Anyway, i've thought in some stuff... let's see...

-=OVERALL "DUTIES" OF THE OSES=- (Sure it looks weird... but read on...)


So yeah, the "Master" (I think that we should put him a personalized name for him... i also forgot his original name.) owns 2 PC's. One modern, and one kinda old, but still useful. These two are linked always.

PC1 (Insert name here)

Here "lives" XP, 2K and yes, ME. It is the PC that Master uses most often. Actually, XP is the "official" OS of this PC, and serves mainly for the entertainment of the Master. That is, DVD, Music playback, strong 3D games, Internet, etc.. (Yeah, not "that" kind of entertainment!! -_- ) In the other side, 2K mainly serves on the PC as working, moving files, defragmenting, scanning, checking files, searching, etc., etc.. She's always getting assured that all is ok. Also, she sometimes goes to PC2 to check things. And ME... she was formally the main OS on that PC before, until the Master decided to have XP (and 2K) as the main OSes. ME is called when they really is needed, or to perform simple tasks. She still is wandering here and there when she's not required, of course... Also, she is frequently going to PC2 to see 98 and SE to have fun.

PC2 (Insert name here)

Master's old PC. SE (98SE) is the leader here, running things that couln't be working on modern PC's, and for additional tasks. 98 is also along her, helping when she can. Because often they don't have actually real work to do, (like the old times, when Master only had this PC) they divert themselves. Somewhere on this PC is also 95, who was one of Master's first OSes. She is currently having a relaxed life, but she also wants to do some work sometimes. Also, on this PC lives too 2.5 (95 OSR 2.5), and, as most of you know, she doesn't tag very well with 98 and SE, so she likes do so some mischief with them, or to their work.

*sigh*. not yet over...


I dislike that Norton AntiVirus Freak. But i also thought something about him...

After being discovered time after time spying on the OSes, and freaking out when he had to do a "full scan", Master told ME to delete him for good, and forever. Howeeever, since ME isn't sooo capable, she failed to fully deleted him, but still she was able to delete the most of him. (He now is really a ghost, haha!! :lol: ) So he is kinda "exiled". However, most OSes think that he no longer exist. That Norton still is said to be somewhere, but just a rumor. At the start of the manga, Master still has not defined a new AntiVirus, so XP and 2K are up to security issues for now. (Mostly 2K).

I recommend that only XP Home appears, not XP Proffesional. Also goes for 2K. She's better Proffesional than Home.

There should be minnor other -tans, like Messenger, DOS, and others...

Do you like the ideas?? Comment please. This is the LARGEST post i ever written for any Forum...


 hmmm let me think more on this give me a good week and I post something on this*


 Hey, I just discovered this thread and wanted to put in my two cents, I had been thinking of doing some kind of OS Tan fan fic, but I have my hands full with unfinished Ranma 1/2 stories as is.  This sounds like fun.

As soon as I read the topic I was thinking of some kind of harem story, the same idea you seemed to have settled on.  My thoughts may have been a little more Tenchi Muyo than Love Hina though.

I kind of thought of turning the Tans into real live characters--like the "Persocoms" in Chobits.  Say some mad (but not evil) schientist type builds these robots and imbines each of them with a personality derived from the "spirit" of each OS he uses--of course they carry over some memories from their days as mere computer programs, and in that time each has developed a special fondness for one of the users in the household--say the mad scientist's 16 or 17 year old grandson.

I like making them into more "Flesh and Blood" characters because that way your hands are free to have them walking the street and interacting with the users, and others in a more normal manner.  Of course all of them would still have big problems fitting in.

We could use all the most popular (Windows) OS's as members of the household, all of them would have special powers and more fleshed out charaters, and there would be other software based charaters Mac, Linux... that where created by someone else and serve as a source of external conflict.

What do you think?


 Humm, or base it off of something like AI Love You (go ken akamatsu!) where they are made manifest compleatly by accident, have some of their computer type powers but are learning to live in the real world yadda yadda yadda
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 Mmmm.... nice to have new people here...

anyway, i hoped that u guys would comment on my ideas.... <_<  


 Yeah, how they become--it can happen any number of ways.  although I would like to come up with something slightly original.  I should probably check out AI Love.  I have to confess, usualy I only get interested in a manga if I already like the anime.

Agelu, I think its fine how you have the characters interacting, but I really want to see them in the material world for a couple of reasons.

First, I think the real fantasy we want to induldge is being able to interact with the girls.  In the case of our fans this will be by way of the everyman type character who serves as the manga's hero.

Second, it just seems like a daunting task to create a world inside a PC that is vivid enough for a really compelling story.  I know it can be done, but I'm not sure I am up to it.  


 That last post was me, sorry, didn't realize I wasn't logged in.


 lol, i was about to say...

"Guest, you're right, but perhaps you should register on this site if you liked it"... :lol:

Yes, it seems at first that it will be difficult, (and i liked that part of "...our fans will like it..." ^.^) but i think that definitly we need 2 things right now.

1- CaptBrenden show some of his drawing. (btw Capt, i saw your desktop on devianart, looks quite cool! ^_^ )

2- We need writers\artists who will compromise with this work, not just saying "yeah, i COULD help..." or "...i COULD do some ideas". I mean, we should make first a solid team. Of course, new members who really want a share of this will be welcomed. (should...)


 I forgot someting.... other thing that we should see is how good CaptBrenden can draw with a good quality/speed ratio. That's because that way we could have a good idea how long should be the manga. We don't want a manga with a very good plot, but a very slow development! Shorters one should have a more simple plot.

I also thought the idea that the Master could have a device to inmerse himself inside the PC to be with the OSes... i don't know... ;)  what about that...


 if i have a solid plot i can work relitivly fast. Assistants in the art department would help tho. Photoshop sauvy, or at least computer savy people willing to learn ( can teach) interested in playing a small part (like coloring backgrounds or inking) to help[ speed up the process.

As I see it, we need an art team, a writting team, and editors.  For production at least.  Someone good with websites and web work would be good too. After we have something to display we may need a site (directly linked to this site of course) better suited to a weekly/bi weekly/ or monthly comic (depending what we choose or can produce depending on the quality we decide on.) Something like most of the other online comics have (check out penny arcade or vg cats), and also a PR person.  It wont do us any good if no one ever comes an views it because no one knows about it (again I know nothing about web publicity)

By tommarow evening i hope to have sketches of all our normal OSes done.  then we can decide what details we want to keep or change yadda yadda yadda. You know, for the girls that vary a bit more (my god i wish they would pick one mac or windows 3.1/dos and stick with it.
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 That's correct... first things first. We need dedicated people for this, and some samples now. We're counting on you for that par...


 Having the guy get into the PC could work too, maybe an accident of some kind.  It would be a little "tron" ish.  Its more chalanging than materializing the girls IMHO.

I have modest photoshop skils but no artistic ability, I could probably help a bit.

Looking forward to the sketches.


 Tommarow for sure I swear! (i spent all day today fighting with my new paintball marker upgrade trying to get it to work)
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