How to Draw OS Tans?

Started by galiant609, November 21, 2007, 04:35:49 am

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Hi guys! Seems this looks like a good forum! (Hoping that its not dead yet!)

Is there anyway I can find a Tutorial on how to draw the OS tans? Not with Photoshop but with Pen and Paper! Anyhelp would be appreciated!


A far as I know, no, there is no tutorials for drawing os-tans.
Best tutorial would be studying the ways how the os-tans are drawn and find a style that works best for you.

Pen and paper? sounds like a job for basic human anatomy books.
(anatomy books are always a great help whenever drawing on computer or traditional).

So, I wouldn't waste time looking for a tutorial.
And if i'd find one, I'd maybe read it for the lulz.
But for serious business...


Oh that's a shame.  'v'
I'm working on a tutorial for drawing OS-tans, but it's not pen-and-paper [it's vector-based].  Sorry, Melons-san.  ^__^

Course, drawing OS-tans is really just drawing Anime/Manga characters, so for that matter you can always get yourself one of these if you really don't feel like studying or analyzing stuff:

On the other hand,... if you're interested in vector graphics,... let me know.

I can hook you up.  ^^


ummm.... what is vector graphics?


Fufu... well have a small look here....  ^.^

And if you're interested further, feel free to check out the tutorial for yourself:

Plus the referenced program, which is not only free but open-sourced as well: