New Program-tan "Greendra"

Started by infinity_zero, November 20, 2007, 01:34:04 am

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Greendra ~Shutdown Timer~

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Hi Infinity-san!  ^___^
I'm sorry if I was never able to give you a good review of your other programs, but this one was simple enough for me to try.  I recommend anyone who can run EXE files to give it a try -- it's very polished, straightforward to use, and you don't need to know any Thai. And yes, it has a very clean installer!

I tried it in my work computer and it installs and runs very well.  I'll see if I can run it through Wine later.  ^.^

What it does is simple: you set the timer and your computer will Shutdown or Restart (depending on your choice) once it hits that mark.  Please note that the timer has to be set to the exact time (in hours, minutes and seconds) you want it to shutdown/restart.  It's not like a microwave where you put in a set number of minutes and seconds.  So if the time above registers 10:25:00, and you set the timer to 10:30:00, then your system will shutdown/restart in 5 minutes.  ^__^

While you're waiting, notice how the cute Greendra-chan blinks and poses and smiles.  When you hover over the "a", she'll tell you to visit Infinity-san's website.  When the system is shutting down or restarting, she bids you farewell.

[Correction for Infinity-san:  she says "Thank, and good-bye", but I recommend changing the "Thank" to either "Thanks" or "Thank you" if possible.]

All in all, an excellent example of what our friend Infinity-san is capable of!  ^___^

Great work, and your minis are as gorgeous as ever!  ^__^b


Thank you, C-Chan. ^^
I can't write english.
First time, I just make thai version,but I make for any there. ^^"


I downloaded it on my PC desktop using Windows XP SP2. I'm not sure but somehow it has a bug. I can't set the timer. Just correct me if I'm wrong...

Anyhow like C said, it does have a nice installer. Infinity-san's design really looks neat!

Just to quote Greendra-tan there;
Quote from: "Greendra"
*blushes* Please..don'

XD Nice one infinity-sama!

This sure is an infinity_zero classic! now if only i can figure out how to set the timer. ^_^