Theatre of War - /OSC/ Conquest

Started by NejinOniwa, May 18, 2009, 02:48:06 PM

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Let's see how long we can keep this alive, just for kicks. -w-

Anyway, there are no actual rules, except for the procedures. They are as follows:

You start out with any one territory and/or force of your choice.
The initial bounds of the battlefield is set at the beginning of a round.
Screw this rule. You must make lots of potential/actual ACTION and/or LULZ during each turn - use any means necessary. (Yes, ANY means.)
When someone upsets the power (un)balance too much, the Theatre of War expands/changes randomly.


As thread dictator, I declare the initial bounds of the battlefield to be a random Zoo in New York City. Pick a species. Your goal is GTFO, and of course, LULZ and ACTION. It is now midnight. GO, GO, GO!

I start as the Penguins; they hack open the cage locks and plunder the guards' shed for tazers and chainsaws. Armed to their te...beaks, they march up from the Aquarium's deepest dungeons towards glorious freedom.


.........the lemures awaken. deftly worming their way out of their cage, they begin to explore. seeing that most of the other animals are still asleep, they wander towards the source of all the noise, hissing and clawing ant any guards that attempt to interfere, and stealing any weapons that said guards may drop.
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