Started by windowsgirl, November 09, 2007, 11:21:40 PM

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i just wanted to make it... anyway anyone have any fanfiction?

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btw im not good at it.
Neptune: the OS that never was

Gussy Keniji

Well, so far there was one Fanfiction about Vista-tan (which can be read here, and I was writting one about Homeko sometime ago...



Neptune: the OS that never was


kinda sorta.. i have to storyline for my comic that seems will never get done...
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thanks everyone who has posted here!

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i luv fan fics!
Neptune: the OS that never was


umm that vista fanfic doesn't fit vista very well.
Neptune: the OS that never was

Aurora Borealis

Early in my days as an OS-tan fan, I attempted an OS-tan fanfic but it didn't get anywhere -_-


I think the reason why not everyone will bother to write a fanfic is because the whole OS-tan concept is fanfiction itself. Although it deals on illustration and comic strips, not by text-made stories.

But yes, it would be nice if we have some text-made stories like the ones in

I think I found something interesting in +nijiura+...
(Somehow you need to use a web page translator if you don't know how to read kanji)

I'm not sure if those were fanfictions...but you guys go check it :)