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Started by nicoruizmza, November 02, 2007, 08:51:06 pm

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Hi everybody!!

I was searching for some mac software for a friend and I find this guide that show how to install a MAC OX 10.4 patched in a Intel x86 Compatible PC

I don't know if this works or not because i didn't do it yet, and can't dowload the DVD ISO.

Ok then.. here is the guide, translated from Spanish to English by me.
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- A PC with a motherboard and Chip INTEL®
- Processors: Intel Pentium 4, HT, Centrino, Celeron D, some AMD
  AMD64 con Core Venice y algunos otros AMD como seprom
- Video: ATI, nVidia, o Intel® 82915G Express Chipset Familiy
- A dvd burner for (+1 DVD+R-R-RW [4.7GB])
- A 2nd hardisk with 40 GB, IDE, SATA or External USB with of 6 to 10GB in one extra partition.
- Torret download: <--Admin Edit-->
- Partition Manager PRO (FOR ALL that have Windows installed).

1) Download the dvd image and burn it in a dvd (I recomend Nero Burning)
2) With the Partition Mananger create a partition with at least 10 GB
3) Now with the dvd burned we reset the pc and run the dvd as 1st drive and then when you are in the setup select the disk and the unformated partiton and the select in the menu Disk Utility -> then ERASE
4) Later of that unselect INSTALL PRINT Drivers and X Code Tools

and ready to install OS X
This take 20 or 30 minutes depending from your system.

Note: remember If you want to start Windows or OS X then press F8 for the dual Boot.
N.D.R.P. Estudios


Erm....this seems a smidgen less than legal, no?


Forum pirate does not approve infecting fine hardware with Mac stuffs -. -


Bella-san bring up a rather valid point. After examining the source, contents, and the torrent file, I have determined that this is in direct violation Apple's End User Software License Agreements, regardless of the ethics involved when downloading things you do not own. As such I, as admin of this forum, have hereby removed all links. A fun, cool idea, but entirely illegal. Gomen nasai ^-^

Added after 6 minutes:

Oh, and nejin-san? 'tis not infection, 'tis improvement. ^.^

--Ecchi na no wa ikenai toomoimasu!!!


overruled, infection stands. T_T

I must be slipping, I didnt notive this before -_-  Thanks for taking care of this for me.
"YOU IDIOT!!" -Kasen Ibara

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I suppose you are right. It's not legal, so infection sounds closer. ^.^
Otherwise... ^v^

QuoteI must be slipping, I didnt notive this before -_- Thanks for taking care of this for me.

Don't worry about it. As you can see from the reply volume, this is just one of those small, nigh on unnoticeable threads that gets buried quickly.

--Ecchi na no wa ikenai toomoimasu!!!


QuoteForum pirate does not approve infecting fine hardware with Mac stuffs -. -

I don't approve of PCs running the most noble and Apple-centric OS X....

I think the very strong hardware/software link is what gives Macs so much of their recognition and growing popularity ;)


;014  Not figured it was doing piracy commenting what I saw on another site. But it seems I fell very low, so I apologize to all and promise not to do it anymore.  ;040  o_o
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Ay che, you do like digging yourself into holes, don't you?  ^__^

No matter,... if you want OSX in an x86 computer, you're better off installing an OSX clone actually DESIGNED for x86 hardware....


Sometimes I usually pass it, but so few things are learned, hahahah

Anyway thanks for the info, and will be looking at the link left.
N.D.R.P. Estudios