Some OS-TAN stuff for CounterStrike:Source/Half-Life² DM

Started by 4RC71C-M4N, October 17, 2007, 04:04:09 pm

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You know CounterStrike:Source/Half-Life² DM, right?!
I´ve made two self-drawn spray-logos
and five game-backgrounds with edited pictures.
I´ve made five spray with edited pictures from here too!
[from this page. I´ve added the authors too! ^^]

Hacchan shouts "CHEATER"

HACCHAN gets carried

Spray-Logos [not self-drawn/edited from this site]:

Windows 3.11 Sleeps

Windows 95 Bikini

Windows 98 Scary Box

Windows 98 Obsene Pictures

Windows 98

Windows 95

Windows 98 - SCARY BOX

Windows 98 - CUTE

Windows 98 sisters TaTu Style

Windows XP


nice. Though I don't play Counterstrike >_>

So these appears in walls during games?


Quote from: "Darknight_88"So these appears in walls during games?

As far as I know, sprays are something the player himself can spray on walls.



Yes, I do agree.  Your original ones seem like they'd look more natural for spray logos (especially the "Cheater" one).  Plus you're better able to fit the characters to your content -- like, for example, making Hacchan dress up as Gordon Freeman (or maybe the G-Man, with her box acting like the briefcase!).  ^__^

Sadly, I've never played Counterstrike, and only played Half-Life years ago.  Did play Half-Life 2 vanilla for a while, but was very po'd by Steam (this was back when I was still using dial-up).  And now I'm on Linux and, in addition, barely have time to play games.  -.-

However,... I guess I can go check if Nexiuz supports spray-logos too.... ¬¬