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RPG: Kotogakko

Started by Kyo-Chan, October 09, 2007, 07:50:52 PM

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In this RPG, Players will be in school, yes, school. There however is a Twist, it is played out in a Haruhi Suzumiya type universe.

You may be an ordinary human, an esper, an alien, a time traveller, your own character or a minor role. Look at this list and pick.
One person may be one character. For smaller roles that are done quickly, you may be multiple people.

So the basic idea of this game, is to keep the haruhi character happy, or we all die.
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Question: Are fan-characters allowed?


Kyo, you wouldn't happen to be on the YA forums, would you?


Quote from: "Techno the fox"Question: Are fan-characters allowed?

Fan characters are allowed.

I Choose to be Kyon. =^_^=

It was the first day of school, we were sharing things about ourselves and listening to what other people had to say. I heard a voice from behind me, She stated that she was not interested in ordinary humans, I turned around and asked. "Is that supposed to be funny?". Just then a beauty stood before me, as if a goddess stood before my eyes. Haruhi suzumiya was her name, but she was no ordinary girl, she was only interested in Aliens, Time Travelers, Espers and the generally weird. but still, I liked her.
Piinatsubataa pururun nanji! wai oh wai oh Piinatsubataa pururun nanji!

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-On the other side of the room, Another student sat at his desk.
He had out a sheet of paper drawing things on it.
Though he was secretly listening to the conversation being had by Kyon and Haruhi.
He was just as tall as your average high-school student, and wore the uniforms required by the dress code.
What made him stand out was his dark purple hair.

OOC: This RP is kinda stuck until we can find someone to play Haruhi.

Techno the fox


I hate to bump/Double Post but...

Any takers?

Surely there must be someone else out there who wants to RP.


a mikuru is superior to a haruhi anyways... <_< >_>  

But shes in a differnt year.   and not in the classroom right now.

*slinks off*
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