Do you play any instruments.

Started by Gummster, May 07, 2007, 07:08:34 PM

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Do instruments of torture and destruction count?

I have an iron maiden, an electromagnetic pulse device buried in Kowloon, and several thermonuclear devices...

*ponders the real question*

I used to play the recorder and clarinet before high school...

Xi Wang chan

Well... if torture instruments are OK ^^...

I can use an DVD and VHS too ^.^...

Added after 36 minutes:

Seriously ^^...

I have some songs and... I wish to know your opinion about it ^^ (But arranges of "Ternura" still I guess are out >.<!)...,

Definitely my favorite is "Del corazón" °(^o^)°...

Edit: Sorry, I have my files outline because I now current re-arrange it ^x^...


In grade 5, I played the recorder. I hated it. In grade 7, I played the keyboard. Couldn't play it very well but I kinda liked it. In grade 8, I played clarinet. I played it well but half way through the semester I lost my ability to play it XD

Gussy Keniji

I used to play the cymbals when I was in high school...but I hated it...



Everyone seems to not like the instruments they played, it makes me so sad...


Quote from: "Gummster"*Sigh*
Everyone seems to not like the instruments they played, it makes me so sad...
Not really. I'd liked playing the keyboard and clarinet even though I wasn't very good at it. But I'd LOVE to learn how to play the violin and piano! ^-^


I played the recorder back in grade 8. It was mandatory as part of our curriculum. I kept the recorder after grade 8 and played it occasionally but later it then broke, and I've never owned a single instrument since, yet I just play around on my friend's Piano and Keyboard.

It's kind of a shame when I think about it, not playing any instruments that is, but I have no idea what I'd like to play. There's no way I'll ever get a career with music, I'm personally not interested in it to that degree, but it would be nice just to have something to play.

I'm not exactly interested in continuing on with any musical instrument but I liked playing it when I had it. But you people who are seriously into your musical instruments, I hope you'll continue strong and enjoy your time playing. It takes some determination to keep at it, and I respect all of you who have.

Xi Wang chan

Everybody (If hate it) continue the search for your beloved instrument ^-^ (I too ^^)...


well .... I don't know if counts ... but I'm a bass player .... ...i have playing alone like 2 years ago .... ..... and i want to start a new band .....

anyone interesed?

I'm grateful if someone are interesed


Electric Guitar, Keyboards, MIDI, Trackers, Commodore 64, Atari XL, Japanese Violin.

So my genre is Feudal Era Electronica.

Piinatsubataa pururun nanji! wai oh wai oh Piinatsubataa pururun nanji!


im learning guitar, i can sing.