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Presenting myself to all!!

Started by nicoruizmza, October 09, 2007, 07:31:35 PM

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I want to say Hi to everyone on the forum.
I'm from Argentina and i speak Spanish and English (of corse)
If you need that I translate something please tellme and i'll help you.

I like Anime and Hentai of all type, but the OS-Tan are my favorite 'cause i'm studing for Software ingeniery at the university.

So, I don't know what more say, so HELLO OS-TAN FORUM!! ;001  ;hi
N.D.R.P. Estudios


hello hello!

a bunch of people here are spanish-speaking, so you'll fit in just fine. ^^

oh, why don't you introduce yourself in our introduction thread?


hola :D

Saludos desde México >_>


Bienvenido al foro.  Esperamos que te lo pases bien.   ;010

(For the non-hispanophones: Welcome to the forum. We hope you'll have a good time.)