Strange things you've eaten because you were bored.

Started by Kyo-Chan, October 09, 2007, 06:07:57 pm

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Quote from: Chocofreak13 on April 10, 2013, 10:20:41 pm
has anyone besides me ever considered putting french onion dip on a baked potato? :0

No, but now you have me curious.

Quote from: LeaflameSD on April 10, 2013, 02:45:35 pm
Quote from: stewartsage on Today at 05:54:21 PMI taught myself to eat paper to destroy potentially damaging documents.

That's some Insanity Wolf shit right there.

I thought it was more like Cold War-era spy shit. (IF WE EAT THE DOCUMENTS, THEY WILL NEVER BE ABLE TO FIND THEM!)

Incidentally, my dog Luci is slightly obsessed with tearing apart paper products. Not actual paper, thank goodness (I'd die is she shredded any of my drawings. ;^;), but paper plates, tissues and paper towels. Also, when she was a puppy she chewed the corner off an encyclopedia.


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that is one impressive dog right there. :0

EDIT: oh yeah, my grandpa in recent months has developed an odd snack habit: he likes to spread peanut butter on saltines and then top with a piece of cheese. not deli cheese or anything, just a chunk of sharp cheddar. it doesn't taste bad per se, but it's unusual, so typically i just keep my cheese to the side if i do that.


Your grandad is a fucking genius

Fuck that cheese on apple pie shit though.

Related story: My grandfather has always put jam on his grill cheese, so does my mom.  I've tried it before; it didn't taste bad, just not good enough for me to do all the time.


Peanuts are the opus magnum of all food. All hail the hypnopeanut.


@stew: he seemed to enjoy the compliment. ^^
@nej: funny thing is, i don't particularly like peanuts, but i really like peanut butter. :\

guys, is putting pineapple cream cheese on a cinnamon rasin bagel weird? cause i was thinking of doing that.


Likely no more strange than my mom putting Nutella in a flour tortilla shell (The kind I like to make tacos with). Speaking of, that's not bad of a combination; put some Nutella on it, and roll it up :3



@pent: tortillas taste funny to me, like not something you'd put sweet stuff on, at the very least. :\


Simon was here :P<br />


ugh, why would you want to eat that?

me and pent were joking about stuff to put on bagels, when he mentioned nutella. at the time i was eating an onion bagel. i told mum about it later and then for a split second actually considered eating that....i think my stomach may be pregnant.


LOL ^^;

Well, I think it'd been established that I'd love to try fishsticks and custard xD
(My sister finds that gross, but I still want to)


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@choco: To find out what it was like, why else do it? Besides... bored!

@Pent: now I wanna try that.

Ever try ketchup and bananas together, not bad really.
Simon was here :P<br />


ketchup is an odd thing for me because if i think of it on anything than its "intended" purpose i start feeling like i'm gonna puke.

i just remembered a food i ate when i was young, and mother of god it was fantastic. you've heard of ice cream pizzas, try an ice cream hot dog. it had a sponge cake bun, whipped cream and chocolate sauce on top, and i'm pretty sure the dog itself was molded out of ice cream. :9~~~~


That sounds so good *w*

I remember my mom made these cookies when I was really little, that were like a shortbread cookie covered in melted chocolate. It was so good, but she hasn't made them since, and when I asked about it, she had no idea what I was talking about :\


that sounds vaguely familiar. think i might have had it some point. :0