OS-tan theories and disscusion

Started by Bella, September 05, 2007, 07:34:57 pm

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AFAIK, the "official" -tans are Visbou and Vistake...and since those are the ones with the most material (including material with both at the same time), I find them best used for the purpose - Vistake is generally representative of all versions below Ultimate, which Visbou represents.


Quote from: NejinOniwa on August 14, 2011, 04:53:18 pm
AFAIK, the "official" -tans are Visbou and Vistake...and since those are the ones with the most material (including material with both at the same time), I find them best used for the purpose - Vistake is generally representative of all versions below Ultimate, which Visbou represents.

Not in my story canon, they aren't. <_<

Besides, I fail to see how those two reflect the system in any way. Way too pun-based/random for my tastes....


Since this topic was resurrected, and since I've had a lot of time to think about this with how slow it's been at work, I figured I may as well drop in one of my theories about the OS-tan universe; more precisely, what variations of 2k-tan represent what version of Windows 2000. As it was established long before I even knew what OS-tans where, this version (The one that's widely considered canon) represents Professional edition. However, there are still 2 other versions not accounted for: NT 5.0 (The beta version), as well as Server and it's spin-offs (Advanced and Datacenter).

Personally, I feel that this version represents Server. The way she's dressed and is sitting, she seems less like an employee and more like a boss; being there to supervise her employees and provide what they need to do their job. Seeing as an administrator can use a server OS in a similar way (Monitor other computers connected to it, as well as storage of documents and other stuff employees would need for their job), it makes sense to me that this variation would represent Server.

As for NT 5.0 beta, that would be this version, or any of the young or loli versions of 2k, seeing as both are "in development"; who hopes of one day becoming a great OS.

The very last one I came up with was that futa 2k represents the NES "version" of Windows 2000 (As seen in this Let's Play video), although it was merely a joke that came about one night when I was really tired.

So, any thoughts?


i agree with the loli reps of 2k being her in 'training' or 'development' (although 'developing' sounds rather awkward when applied to a character ><; ), especially given the comic of her with the alt-NT learning.
on the other hand, i disagree with the server rep, given the fish-version out there. if the other servers are fish-type, why not all? :\

if we're on the topic of what's canon and what's not, i'd ask if anyone is going to question os-kun canonness. but idk if anyone besides me cares too much ^^;


Well, I hadn't found any fish-2k pics, so I went with that one.

Also, I don't see why the OS-kuns wouldn't be considered part of canon. After all, they are to the OS-tans as Supergirl is to Superman


which is why i thought no one would question. plus, os-kun pics are in very short supply, especially given that i lost all the pics i had and kazumi crapped out. too bad, since i had some of a young 3.1-kun.

before i get off topic, should we revive the thread? there was still alot to talk about, if i remember right. :3


This thread got revived when I posted my tl;dr on OS-tan Totem Animals. It's just that nobody noticed. >_>

Speaking of which...

I'm thinking Canadian Goose as Whirlwind's animal (look at said variety of goose, compare color scheme with Whirlwind's, not to mention the whole motherhood aspect of things, which works, since she's sort of the universal mother to all minicomputers/a lot of mainframes). PDP-1-chan strikes me as a bluebird... specifically, THIS bluebird.

Harvard Mark I is a white swan. It just fits her personality really well.

And I'm getting a wolverine-ish feeling from OS/2-tan. -w-


by 'revive' i meant discuss the long forgotten topics such as the os-tan 'world' and family trees. not to mention the os class system. @___@;;

not that spirit animals aren't cool. :3

Aurora Borealis

I'd like to see those things brought back too. A few days ago, I added some more details to the OS-tan setting article on the wiki.

Also I'm developing some character bios in the Annex thread and would like some input on those too.

So it's this thread (or the OS-tan Theory 101 thread) for nearly all OS-tan conjecture, and the Annex thread for bios. Let's keep this at least somewhat organized.


i've been somewhat avoiding the annex thread because most of what was going on there didn't involve me, but i'll try to sneak back in. >>;

also, since i had some questions on naming, i revived the N:YI thread too. :\


most of it is antique-tans, though, and idk anything about that. :\

btw, while i have you on the line, how did Apple I-sama die?

Aurora Borealis

She died of illness/depleted life force in late 1979. It was in 1978 that her health (and life force) started to decline, referencing the destruction of many of the Apple Is in '78 when they were traded in for an Apple II at a discounted price. :(

(I bet those people who got rid of their Apple Is are regretting it!)


ah. then i should find a different final twist to my story arc, since I-sama wouldn't have been around at the point in time. :\

Aurora Borealis

That's unfortunate. :(

How's that story coming along? I'm really interested!


i finished one story arc, but i still need to draw it. speedy's lack of internet has made drawing much more appealing, however, so i'm hoping to finish the second chapter of the comic soon. so far, i've got 6 chapters planned out, and 3 more story arcs in mind. :3