AmigaSYS: Helps WINUAE to configure a complete Amiga

Started by Raffaele the Amigan, August 12, 2007, 01:17:14 pm

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Raffaele the Amigan

AmigaSYS it is a pre-configured full enviroment of AmigaOS to be installed into WinUAE.

It uses the common version of WinUAE you installed into your Windows enviroment and you must also own an AmigaOS install CD to load Amiga system files from.

AmigaSYS configures for you automatically a complete Amiga experience complete of 24bit graphics, net-support, 16 bit audio support, fully usable programs, TCP-IP stacks and Internet browsers, music and video players, and much more.

The new AmigaSYS 3 version PLUS is available for a vaste range of OSes:

Windows WINUAE, Amiga AGA, Linux LiveCD, AmigaOS4 EUAE, MorphOS EUAE, Linux EUAE, Mac EUAE, X-Box UAE-x!



AmigaSYS 3 feature list :

Pictures :

The followings are translated into three languages (HU,ENG,DE)

- Easy installation with multiple options 3.0/3.1.
- Installation in three languages 3.0-3.9
- Better hungarian, english and german localization of the installers 3.0-3.9.
- Amiga OS 3.9 installers (Os3.9, Amiga Forever , Amithlon, OSXL).
- Appmenu Tools.
- Help files.
- About menu.
- All themes.
- Theme installers.
- Theme Saver.
- Amistart
- All AmigaSYS Scripts
- Cd-mount
- Theme select
- PostED
- No Startup Boot
- Upgrade
- Etc...

The language can be set while installing (3.0/3.1) by selecting system language.

AmigaSYS 3 Plus Installer :

- Completely rewritten 3.0/3.1 installer
- Easy installation with multiple options (HUN,DE,ENG,AmigaForever Installer, Kickstart check )
- Ability to install without the Extras disk (for Amiga Forever users).
- Choice of system language: Hungarian, English, German
- Keyboard layout selection (Hun,Eng,De)
- Resolution selection (Low-VeryHigh 800,1024,1152,1280.)
- 262144 color intro images.
- 262144 color outro images - project contributors and partners.
- The music from WOC92 by Sanity is played during installation
- Status display during installation (%).
- Lots of features, 3-4 times as fast as the previous version!

Amiga OS 3.0/3.1 :

- Brand new formated hdf
- New, cleaned up system with only the necessary components.
- Systems scripts rewritten from scratch for better, faster executions.
- New look, new images, new fonts.
- Completely rewritten Amiga Os 3.9 installer,2 to 3 times as fast as the previous version!
- Completely rewritten Amiga Os XL installer,2 to 3 times as fast as the previous version!
- Completely rewritten Amigathlon installer,2 to 3 times as fast as the previous version!
- Completely rewritten Amiga Forever 6,2005,2006 installer,2 to 3 times as fast as the previous version!
- Completely rewritten Amiga Forever 6,2005,2006 online installer,2 to 3 times as fast as the previous version!
- New, higher quality installer images.
- Theme selection during installation of 3.9.
- Resolution selection during installation of 3.9.
- The emulators, players and games icons bring up menus for faster access to the built-in programs.
- Icon verification (tool, etc).
- Rewritten help files, now placed in the System:Readme directory.
- New about , new graphics, new menus.
- IBrowse configuration converted to version 2.4.
- AmigaAMP plugins detection fixed.
- Some AmigaAMP skins deleted, and compressed into format JPG.
- Some AMR skins deleted.
- New filemaster configuration with useful features.
- Fixed Bareed GLOW icon bug.
- Fixed bareed configuration bug.
- Introduced amigasys-startup and amigasys-user.
- Fixed appmenu configuration bug.
- Fixed IBrowse configuration bugs.
- HOL Game Database added in IBrowse.
- Fixed GACB URL in IBrowsba
- Fixed Packmaster configuration, (Appicon, default extract = ram)
- Fixed font encoding problem in limpidclock.
- Improved German and Hungarian keyboard layout.
- New MCP configuration.
- Fixed FTP mount configuration.
- Faulty icons no longer appear after the installation of amiga forever.
- Added PowerWB (3.0/3.1 only).
- Added toolmanager, works in all resolutions (3.0,3.1,3.9 RetroSYS).
- Ten Toolmanager Icon for menu , CD mount, Players, games, Emulators , Bareed , packmaster , ppaint, ibrowse, yam , wookiechat.
- TinyMeter added; configured to display chipram, fastram, and system dh0 usage(3.0/3.1 és 3.9 RetroSYS).

Amiga OS 3.9 :

- New theme: BLUE
- New theme options.
- New, cleaned up Themes with only the necessary components.
- Preview images from theme while installing.
- Evry theme can change resoulition.
- Themes dont contain configuration files.
- Icon problems have been debuged in themes.
- Theme saving feature has been added, make your own theme and share it with your friends or AmigaSYS Team.
- If you create your own theme background image should be in presets/AmigaSYS/theme directory, it may be anywhere but this is the default directory.
- Wbstartup problems fixed at theme saving.
- All actual settings will be saved at theme saving.
- Fixed def icons bugs in all themes with Amiga OS 3.9 installed.
- Def icons bugs have been fixed in all themes with Amiga Os 3.9 , Amiga Forever , Amiga OS XL , Amithlon install.
- RetroSYS theme actualized (tinymeter , toolmanager)
- Themechanging fixed , only RetroSYS has TinyMeter and Toolmanager just like in 3.1.
- Fixed font encoding problem in limpidclock all themes.
- Def icons supported after installing Amiga Forever.
- Amiga Forever has no Unarc , Editpad, def icons use Packmaster and BareEd is default program.
- New Amistart configuration.
- New Amistart background, logo, etc.
- We had problems with emptying Trashcan , fixed.

lots of fixes,and all 3.0/3.1 fixes and features!

Programs :

- New Mui Class's  
- Librarys
- Datatypes
- AmigaAMP
- Bareed  
- PowerWB
- Tinymeter
- Toolmanager
- Amiga Spectrum Emu
- WormWars
- Wookiechat.

Deleted programs :

- Amirc, to replace Wookiechat free and very good.
- Songplayer.
- Flamingo Plus 4 emulator.

AmigaSYS 3 Plus OS Support :

- Amiga OS 3.0  
- Amiga OS 3.1
- Amiga OS 3.1 Amiga Forever version
- H&P Amiga Os 3.9 series  
- Amiga Forever 6 CD (3.9).
- Amiga Forever 6 Online edition (3.9).
- Amiga Forever 6 Installed (3.9).
- Amiga Forever 2005 CD (3.9).
- Amiga Forever 2005 Premium edition (3.9).
- Amiga Forever 2005 Online edition only installed! (3.9).
- Amiga Forever 2006 CD (3.9).
- Amiga Forever 2006 Premium edition (3.9).
- Amiga Forever 2006 Online edition only installed! (3.9).
- AmigaOS XL Amithlon CD. (3.9).
Pegasos computer: CPU PPC G3 600MHz, RAM DDR 512 MB PC3200, Graphic Card ATI 9250 256 MB videoram. SO MorphOS 1.4.5
;011 -(Caramba! El nuevo Peggy computador es Amiga compatible y muy Mejor!)
"God, what an incredible thing we did!"
(R.J. Mical, engineer of original Amiga developing team at Amiga Inc. 1982-1985).
"When the Amiga came out, everyone [at Apple] was scared as hell."
(Jean-Lous Gassée, former CEO of Apple France and chief of developers of Mac II-fx, interviewed by Amazing Computing, November 1996).


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