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MGS 4!

Started by ShinraKenshin, July 24, 2005, 04:15:04 PM

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 according to new recent information on the videogame world. Metal Gear Soild 4 is suspected to be the next project ...Now I know what your thinking " wtf another metal gear?!" reason for this is not yet known but Hideo must know what he is doing since he did state he wasnt going to make another MGS game any time soon besides metal gear ac!d . Since from this here is a teaser video from one respected website

Check it out and see for your self and ask your self well this be another long winded story line or still in its prime. Also Hideo has said this during one of his press conference. According to his statement he considers platforms meals . Such as the ps3 being a special occasion dish , The Xbox 360 as a Deilightful sunday meal , and the nintendo revolution a rich dinner. From all this said its possible that the mgs4 well come out for the two systems of xbox 360 and ps3 due to there records of sales of the previous marketing of ps2 and xbox.

This is all from the videogame world as your respected watcher of the gaming world and good day.