Dell laptop bloatware and fixes?

Started by grant_p, August 06, 2007, 04:53:36 PM

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Hello, all. I'm about to help a friend with her new Dell laptop, she's running Vista, and, unfortunately, does need it for work. However, she's looking to try to add-on some useful programs that don't cost much, if anything, that'll still get the jobs done she needs.

On the bright side, she's not a power-user, she just needs to write the occasional letter, open .doc. files, not get viruses, etc. I doubt she's ever used PowerPoint or Photoshop in her life.

She's already requested the AVG anti-virus I use myself and which I put on her prior system, and I know it'll work with Vista. Does anyone know how well OpenOffice, GMP (2.4 if it's out by then, if not I'll update it later) and Spybot S&D will handle it, and if there's a decent Vista firewall till Comodo gets their Vista-ready one running (I have their XP one and I'm very happy with it)?

Also if anyone knows, what sort of junk-ware does Dell put on their laptops that I will have to get OFF?



fresh install.  they give you all the discs.. wipe it and only put back on what you want.
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Yo Grant-san.  Long time no see!  ^__^

Oooh, you got me on my real Achilles heel... Vista technical questions.  But not to matter, cause as long as it's to help fellow open sauce users (even if it's just the applications), I'll be at the forefront of assistance!  ^v^

In any case, the answer to your first question is that yes they run, albeit perhaps only 98% flawlessly.  Here's some links to discussions on the matter:

Open Office:



Regarding the firewall question, I too read that Comodo has issues and I can't really think of any other free firewall that's just as good (Zonealarm, for example, hasn't been good in years).  But more importantly, I reckon the reason you may never get a good firewall on Vista is because it would likely interfere with it's DRM.  If it's possible to block (say) Sony from spying on your machine, then for sure they wouldn't want it to work.  ^__~'

For your last question I'm afraid I've never gotten a Dell computer ever, so I wouldn't know.  The Cap'ns suggestion could work,... assuming Dell hasn't decided to imitate the rest of the industry and not supply her with any OEM discs,.. or supply her with OEM discs that already immortalize all the crapware (DAMN YOU HP!!!  ^0^).
If she has vanilla Vista OEM discs, then for sure you're safe.  ^___^



There's always trial and error....  -v-;


Hello!  I had a lousy time recently, but bright side, I passed physics, got my scholarship, and am now full-time grad school!  Yay!

Thanks for the articles, hopefully I'll be able to be on more, now.