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Weird dreams?

Started by Icelilly, July 02, 2007, 03:31:36 PM

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that's not a dream, Pent, that's THE FUTUREEEEEEEEE~



I had one last night, where I was watching my older cousin play Splatoon...except, he was playing as Kirby, and was navigating through the ice sector of Lyoko. He was having some trouble with controlling the stone power he needed to cross the water, though -w-;


sounds like a cool mashup, though a bit hard to implement. if Splatoon had a PC version i'd bet someone might make a mod like that.

had a nightmare the other day involving lots of insects, including a lot of moths. been having anxiety issues ever since, it seems....


So, I had one last night. In it, I was at grandma's office, which was organized a little differently; with the door that has been broken for years now working, and the usual entrance being blocked off. Now, the biggest thing is finding a large bag of clothes on the floor, of unknown origin; which I went through, finding some dresses I wanted to try on...and one of them was a maid costume, that although not 100% like what I want, was still really nice. I put that one on first, and began to look myself over in the mirror, when I heard something outside; peeking out the window to see mom wondering around, as I frantically close the blinds to keep her from noticing what I'm wearing. I woke up shortly after :\


dreamt an alternate Disney Little Mermaid movie the other night and Ariel (in first-person view) drowned in her wedding dress. i think the boat she was in shipwrecked in a bay near where the wedding was taking place, Eric was trying to save her, but this huge-as-shit wave just came down over her and there was jack shit she could do. (she being me, sort of, since this was partially in third person, partially in first person. sort of like a reeeeally in-depth (*ba-dum tisch*) movie. :\ )

why do i keep having ocean nightmares i mean srsly


IDK :\

I had one last night, involving a really strange Scooby-Doo movie, titled Scooby-Doo Meets Seinfeld...which had elements of sci-fi thrown in (There was a police officer carrying an taser that behaved like a lightsaber), and a plot that I didn't get enough time to figure out before I woke up (The first part after a bit with the lightsaber had them in a church, sifting through the boxes to something called "Magic Video Bible" (On VHS and Betamax, in one giant box), finding the battery holder to something hidden inside). Also, there was someone that sounded like one of my coworkers during that last scene, remarking on how he bought one of the .hack//GU games really cheap, and plans to keep it even if he doesn't have the rest of the trilogy, so he can't play it. I also remember there being some DEC and NEC monitors at one point, but that just seemed like a background detail.

Kind of a shame I woke up, too; I guess, we'll never solve the mystery of what the deal with airline food is


what even would that majestic train wreck of a crossover be like

such a beautiful shitpile xD


I had a dream about being in the (literal) middle of a lesbian threesome makeout session a few nights ago, and let me tell you it was way more awkward and way less exciting than it actually sounds.

Last night I dreamt I was with a group of people in the aftermath of some catastrophe, we were rummaging through a large abandoned factory or warehouse of some kind for supplies (finding mostly clothes). Other things went on, but I forget what they were.


That still sounds hot, bells.

I had a dream last that Stretch Panic had combined with our apartment-hunting efforts as of late and it was very, VERY weird. I think it was laughable, at least, which is more than I can say for the REAL efforts. :\

EDIT: last friday i had 2 seperate dreams that i was late to the staff meeting that day and got fired as a result. :\

this morning i had a dream that was back in high school, but in a different school than the one i went to. some of my coworkers were either students or teachers there as well Steve had broken up with me and i couldn't figure out what my next class was, so i was feeling *quite* depressed (self-harm range) and wasn't really giving any fucks, so i ended up taking off my bra in the classroom (no one noticed because i guess i was THAT low on the social ladder that i basically could have cooked a 4-course meal in study hall and no one would have batted an eye). as i was about to leave, i thought to myself, "wait, i can just skip my class and stay here." so i felt kinda dumb, and i went to the bathroom to put my bra back on (cause i guess i needed privacy for on but not off?), and the bathroom was so full of people that all (10?) stalls were full, so i was trying to wait in line, and a (popular?) girl sort of just quickly shoved in front of the stall that i was standing in front of when it opened up, so when she had closed the door i reached over the top and picked her up by the neck to strangle her. as i was, i whispered in her face "I hate you." and then dropped her down, to which, once again, no one batted an eye. thankfully, another stall opened up (if you can call it that, it was wide, plastic, and looked more like a diaper changing station) and this woman (who claimed to be in high school despite looking 40) refused to leave despite the fact that she was done. she started ranting about how she had had a baby and it had died, but she had another one or something, and then 2 of my coworkers (i think Nicole was somewhere between a student and a teacher and Rebecca i don't even know) had to basically haul her out of the bathroom by force.

what the actual fuck, subconscious brain. .__.;


I had one last night, where I seemed to be frustrated over my Game Boy Color freezing up constantly while I was playing Pokemon. Only other thing I recall was something about a Butterfree owned by Dio Brando...named ButterWRYY -w-;;


I've had great dreams recently.

[spoiler="Stomach fluids"]Just last night I took part in an experiment, where scientists believed it was possible to provoke a vomiting reflex in a person by touching their forearm with cold, wet fingers. As the experiment subject I could perfectly acknowledge the existence of such a reflex and went ahead to empty the contents of my stomach on the lab floor. I was very happy with such an exciting discovery, naturally.[/spoiler]

In completely different news, I was supposed to play piano and sing my own piece in front of an audience. I didn't seem overly stressed out by the fact that the song I was supposed to perform was only half finished some hours before the event.


lookit' you, showin' weirdly excessive dream confidence. xD

@Pent: that is the BEST name for a Butterfree EVER.

dreamt last night that i took/was given a whole carton of eggs from Steve's parents. they didn't care (they had like, 5 of them?), and all i remember thinking is "wtf am i going to do with all these eggs?".

i DO have an egg pan now that i've been wanting to try out...


I had one last night where I was exploring some thrift shop I didn't recognize, browsing through dresses. I found some things, but I don't remember what they were; I just remember going to check out, and having problems with my voice (I was trying to present myself as female at the time; which, my voice is one spot that I've always been a bit self-conscious about). After I finished, I ran into my sister; whom I began to talk with. I woke up shortly after


i got your back, bro.

had a disturbing nightmare a few weeks ago. long story short, sexual assault and attempted kidnapping.

had some nice ones the other night, which was a nice change of pace. can't remember specifics, though. -w-;


I had one last night, where for whatever reason, I was at church...and wearing a dress. I just remember trying to find a seat, while avoiding the parents, and having to step over other people's bags that were seemingly thrown about (Including a drawstring bag with the Virtual Boy logo on it, for some reason); a feat that proved tricky with heels on. TBH, I'm not even sure why I'd be there on my own free will :\

EDIT: I had another one one last night, in which everyone was gearing up for some really big event (A concert, I guess?), while I was in the middle of installing Windows NT...which apparently involves having to assemble a PC inside a walk-in freezer, with the installer looking like a futuristic version of Microsoft Bob. Also, I had breasts, which I was trying to keep hidden by having a blanket draped over myself.