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Started by Green, June 28, 2007, 09:41:44 AM

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I haven't seen Big O in ages, but I remember it being awesome


it's tied with one piece, naruto, and sailor moon for the title of "my favourite anime", but unlike those 3, i've seen it through. it was only 2 seasons, after all.

i'd like to suggest it for the osc anime club, but everyone seems on board with Azumanga. maybe after we finish that or something.

@bella: it's the kind of series i think you and stew would just adore. yes, it starts off focusing somewhat on the giant robots, but by the end, they take a backseat to all the film noir, conspiracy theories and disturbing revalations. it's also one of the only series i've seen that 1. had the manga come second and 2. have the second season produced solely because an american company wanted it to.
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