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Started by Green, June 28, 2007, 09:41:44 AM

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Whats your favorite anime?
Taste the power of randommness!


favourite? en... not so sure but i love Lucky Star now^o^
and also Kanon and AIR


That's a really hard question to answer. I tend to separate my favorites by several means of measure.

Best Anime Series Overall:
Love Hina

Best Anime Series Per Episode:
Full Metal Panic: Fumoffu

Best OVA:

Best Full Length Film (non-Miyazaki):

Best Full Length Film (Miyazaki):
Princess Mononoke

Best Romantic Comedy:
Please Teacher

Best Action Series:
Code Geass

Best Fantasy Series:
The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya


but its soooo hard toooooo chooooose!
My my, aren't you lovely~


Two words

They don't get any better than that, too bad it was so short.


My top 5 list is

RahXephon, Haibane Renmei, Gunslinger Girl, Last Exile and Juuni Kokki.


QuoteHaibane Renmei

QuoteBest Fantasy Series:
The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya

I don't think I've really seen enough good anime series/movies to make a real firm choice, but I'll second those (for fantasy drama and fantasy comedy).

I also really like Cowboy Bebop.


Lovely Complex!  ^v^

It's the kind of love story designed exclusively for C-chans across the world....  -v-

*sighs amorously for long lost forbidden loves*  Â¯v¯

Everything else gets equal time in 2nd place.....  ^___^

- Banner of the Stars series
- Code Geass
- Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya
- Gunslinger Girl
- Rozen Maiden
- Kino's Journey
- ROD the TV
- Please Teacher
- Haibane Renmei
- Arjuna
- Excel Saga
- Elfen Lied
- Shamanic Princess
- Ghost in the Shell SAC (all of 'em)
- Saber Marionette series (all of 'em)
- Slayers (everything except the later movies)
- Almost everything Miyazaki
- Vandread (cause it's designed for C-chan)
- Ultimate Girls (cause it's,....... also designed for C-chan..... ^^;)


naruto anyone?.... anyone?

anyway, i guess mine would be ...

ok, for suspense thriller would be Monster!

For school comedy i guess none other than azumanga followed by GTO

love comedy would bring me to love hina

senseless comedy would be excel saga followed by fumoffu

for the sports genre i think i like slam dunk the best although hajime no ippo is a close contender

for action, i guess i like dragon ball Z. yeah that's right

for mecha, shin getter robo, definitely

for the other genres i'm not so sure yet.
My my, aren't you lovely~


still and haven't changed:
Rozen Maiden


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...Is the worst singer.

Quote from: "Silentbob"RahXephon, Haibane Renmei, Gunslinger Girl, Last Exile and Juuni Kokki.

And to think that an innocent soul such as C-Chan has watched Elfen Lied...
*sigh* What is happening to the youth.


neon genesis evangelion


I heard it's good...gotta watch it when I get some money (blew some savings on computer parts and purchasing anime whose fansubs have expired).

*realizes that it must be odd admitting his evangelion-virginity*


*regains composure*

QuoteLovely Complex! ^v^

It's the kind of love story designed exclusively for C-chans across the world.... -v-

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Based off Senpai's comments after my height analysis, I would have to go with E: None of the Above.
The answer is 30 cm ^-^