'Foreign' manga awards proposed!

Started by MisterCat, May 22, 2007, 11:20:14 PM

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ey MC how ya been?

I like this. ^^
not much detail, but I'm interested in seeing the reaction of the Japanese on foreign manga.  I'm sure they'd translate them somehow, right? ^^;


I'm doing quite all right, Sleepy.  Thanks for asking!  How are you these days?

It will be interesting to learn the reactions of Japanese artists to "foreign" manga, in that quasi-official setting.  I wonder if anyone at this board would stand a chance of getting that free trip to Japan!




MisterCat!! we misses u!!!

nice article.. make manga more massive!
My my, aren't you lovely~


Thank you, zjhentohlauedy!  I was on a secret mission to my home planet, Pemular VII, but now I'm back.

Massive manga means more material!  I'm all for it.