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Started by NejinOniwa, May 12, 2007, 03:53:11 PM

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First of all, I'd like to congratulate myself and all RP:ers on making the longest  (maybe only!?) surviving RP in this forum so far. Gokurou, soshite ganbattemassu!

Anyways, this is the Outgame thread. This is where all the, "Aw this is so awesome!", "Hey what's next in the plot anyways? BANANAS!?", "How are we going to get this to work?", "What's our quest?", "My character DIED!!! NOEEES!!! (hopefully not though ^^)" and "GTFO MY RPWEBS!!!...wait...that's not right -.-" goes. Also, all you guys who are prolly just DYING to create yourself a character and join in but think you can not since the plot is already on the go and such...fear not! The RP is currently open to character applicants - all you have to do is make one, and post it here! For those of you who don't remember or haven't had a look at the rules, well - today is caturday, and caturday is repost day! I've compiled some stuff from newer posts too -  Sukete-mirouyossu!

Quote from: "NejinOniwa @ ingame thread"
Here's my example character form. Copy/Paste and move on...;)

NAME: This one is pretty obvious. Make up one.
CLASS/RACE: If you're a vampire, write that. If you're TMNT, scribble it down. If you're a three-headed monster frog, punch it in. Class is NOT job.
ORIGIN: Just make up some planet name or something if you're lazy ^_^
AGE: Once again, pretty simple. Obasan or kodomo?

APPEARANCE: The general looks of your character. Fatness, pink hair, peg leg or extremely Moe - anything that ways goes here. IMPORTANT: Make sure you write down your Weight/Height here.
PERSONALITY: All random personality traits and quirks go here. This section might be seen as important, since the quality of roleplay is largely based on how well one adapts to one's character. Much innovativeness and fun ideas encouraged!
BACKGROUND: So here you write a little something to make that random planet your character comes from a little less random, and your character's appearance a little less shunkan idou plot device-ish. Once again, tap away at the keyboard as much as you like!

Here you have 120 points to spend away with as you like. The base stats will be:

With the last one being stuff like willpower and stress tolerance. You can have maximally 20 in a single stat (unless you have REALLY good reasons to do otherwise).
The rest will be spent on Skills and Abilities. Skills can be anything from Swordfighting and Navigation to Climbing or Singing. Most skills are pretty self-explanatory but if you have something that isn't all too obvious then write a short note about what it is.
Abilities are special stuff, like inborn talents or special effects, and can be stuff like Resistance to poisons and alcohol, Natural armor or (!) Mikuru Beam - it's your choice. I won't dictate point costs much, but use these as guidelines:
Lesser 5p         Lagom(picked this word up during my travels) 10p        Greater 20p

Here's this section again. It's pretty basic - use you own judgment and get yourself fitting weapons, items and stuff like that. I recommend not having too many weapons as well - the basic issue of carrying the stuff is still De Facto (no hoipoi capsules people ;)). Now three examples of stuff you DO NOT HAVE:

since the second two are just cheating, and the first one is just NOT ALLOWED. If you absolutely must, then kidnap another player ;) (although I won't be responsible for the consequences ^_^)

Now, back to applicants!
And oh, some advise on BALANCE:

In the stats section you might've wanted more of that, combat violinist-ssu ^^ (although it of course is up to you in the end)
To clarify,
6 is bad, 10 is normal, 13 is good, 16 is extreme and 20 is way overkill.
1 is total newbie, 5 is beginner, 10 and you've got all basics down, 15 and you're starting to learn special stuff, 20 and you're good at special stuff, 25 and you've mastered almost everything, 30 and above and you're probably legendary and making up own techniques and teaching people.
Powergaming IS allowed, but i'd not say it's encouraged ^-^; Also, a karma that low will make you eternally followed by misfortune and stuff. Karma is important (and lowering it a way of punishment ^_^) and the only base stat which fluctuates rather heavily depending on your actions. It's karma, desho? ^_^

So there you are. Existing charas are in the Ingame thread - take a look there if you're out of ideas! Also, there's a sci-fi setting we're roleplaying in - but don't let that limit you all too much!

Anyways, all applicants are welcome! Let E:403 prosper! That is all!



Okay, since this thread was created, in essence, by a comment made by me, it is only appropriate I post here! ^__^

First things first, though, I would like Nejin-san to clarify the "(MSA)" or "(MV)" tags that accompany all REN's sensor systems. Perhaps it is common knowledge, but to me, MSA means "Measurement Systems Analysis" and MV is a Unix command! ^^'

Secondly, I'd like to join
So, without further ado!

NAME: Tsubashi
CLASS: Classical Vampire
AGE: Eternally 18

APPEARANCE: Tsubashi has very pale skin that is almost translucent. He has black hair, circular glasses, and a light build. He typically dresses in a late eighteenth century fashion, commonly dressing to expose minimum skin to the sun (i.e. gloves, long sleeves). He will ordinarily wear a dark black cape, always fastened with this brooch. Protruding from his back are dark violet colored wings, similar to a bats. Tsubashi's eye color varies depending on how recently he has fed. They are ordinarily a deep liquid gold color, tending towards a formidable, impenetrable black as his thirst increases.
Height: 60 cm
Weight: 6.2 Kg

PERSONALITY:  While Tsubashi doesn't fit the "loner" stereotype, he will not actively seek to interact with others. He is somewhat submissive and obedient. His social akwardness makes him seem stand-offish, but he is actually quite friendly towards those he knows. As can be surmized, Tsubashi hates sunlight, and burns easily.

BACKGROUND: Tsubashi is unable to remember his human origin, nor a vampiric parental. From his earliest memories, Tsubashi has been alone. His first attempts to live amongst human was met with disaster. He was discovered, and the townsfolk did their utmost to kill him. He would have surely died if he had not been rescued by a nomadic coven which happened to be passing by. For a number of years, Tsubashi traveled with this coven, though he was the oddball. While the others went hunting, Tsubashi would 'Keep house,' taking quick, discreet hunting trips instead of drawing it out like the others. Soon enough, however, a feud between coven members broke out and Tsubashi, unable to take sides, once again found himself alone,  shunned from the group.

Strength: 5
Dexterity: 15
Intelligence: 15
Karma: 2
Mind: 10


Technical aptitude: 20
   -Having been around awhile, Tsubashi is able to learn quickly most things having a technical aspect, and already has an expansive array of previously acquired methods

Cooking: 15


Enhanced senses: 25
   -Being a vampire, Tsubashi's natural abilities are far beyond the range of even cyberneticly enhanced humans.

Shadow walking: 23
   -Tsubashi's movements are nigh on silent. He is also able to blend into a crowd or group without attracting attention. In extreme situations, Tsubashi is able to appear as an ethereal mist.

Empathy: 5
   -Tsubashi is able to directly feel a sentient beings mood, simply by proximity. He is also able to transmit emotional overtones to said being, making it easier for the being to feel calm, or excited, or whatever Tsubashi sends. (Sorta like a subconscious suggestion, not a command)


Tsubashi commonly carries a blue satchel in which is found:
         A diary
         A small, semi-comical LART
         A compact, efficient solar generator
         Medicinal pouch, containing herbs and supplies
         Compact cooking utilities and cleaning materials
         Vial of blood
         Blank CDs/DVDs
         A customized iSphere


There! All done!

I must apologize for the delay, I had ceremonial duty, and then I got into a long conversation with a friend ^^'


Ceremonial duty? Anta wa hen da youssu -.-

Anyways! As you said, first things first; The (MSA) and (MV) tags on REN's sensor systems are simply marking for placement - where MSA stands for Main Sensor Array, which are the pointy-ears-like-metal-stuff i've been talking about a bit - and MV stands for Main Visual, meaning light projection/reflection/detection modules, or, captain obvious to the rescue, REN's eyes. So, it's nothing complex, ssu. ^-^

and no, REN's systems are not UNIX-based, by the way. Thanks for not asking ^^

Secondly! Good to see an entrant! We'll need to figure out an appropriate way to get your chara into the party though - renraku wo suru. Seems we've got a bunch of really unlucky guys around, though... -w-
And right me if I'm wrong, but is that iSphere you've got some sort of futuristic mac machine? Otherwise, clarify pleassu. ^-^;



QuoteCeremonial duty? Anata wa hen da youssu -.-

Guilty as charged. It's certainly isn't a typical human activity, but it is still an entirely valid excuse. ^-^

QuoteWe'll need to figure out an appropriate way to get your chara into the party though

Hmm, that is the problem. It up to you, being the gamemaster and all, but I'll list a few ideas.

a.) I had previously traveled (or been sent) to the planet on which the group has landed, and am currently picking up your weapons.

b.) I survived the explosion too. Vampires are quite resilient, though I'm sure it would cause some strange effects. Temperatures would remove, or render useless the blood in my system, so I'd arrive very hungry and weak.

c.) Ummm...? Something else?

Quoteis that iSphere you've got some sort of futuristic mac machine?

Ah, yes. you see, when Tsubashi was younger, he thought the ultimate computer would be a small floating sphere with 3-dimentional projection capabilities. The Tsubashi encountered the iMac G4's and decided iSphere sounded cool. So yeah, it is


I guess i won't ask much more about the ceremonial duty then ^-^


a) is troublesome, since that means you would somehow be able to walk around all of REN's sensory systems somehow, and since i know how they work i am fairly certain you aren't able to by yourself. Nice idea though, so putting you somewhere else might be an idea.

b) For some reason i doubt that even vampires can survive over 4 hours in space without protection at killing speeds - and more importantly, you would definitely not have survived the cause of such an event anyway, since it takes quite much force to do so. Uhm.

c) I have a few ideas, but most of them are based on a) somehow. Anyone else got 'nithin?

Quote from: "Tsubashi"Ah, yes. you see, when Tsubashi was younger, he thought the ultimate computer would be a small floating sphere with 3-dimentional projection capabilities. The Tsubashi encountered the iMac G4's and decided iSphere sounded cool. So yeah, it is.
Shameless fanboy vampire... -.-


QuoteI guess i won't ask much more about the ceremonial duty then ^-^

Probably in your best interest, as I'm not allowed to tell you anything about it ^__^

Unfortunately, I've no new ideas. I will, however, offer a rebuttal:

a)Well, lets list REN's systems

::EISS (Electric Impulse Scanning System)

With me 2 km (or more) away, this one wouldn't help. There's no way you could generate an electric field that large, at least not without screwing a lot of things up! ^-^

::Sonar Transmitter/Receiver

Given the fact that you are uncertain as to your whereabouts, I doubt you would use this one. It's like announcing to the whole world "I'M RIGHT HERE!!!"

::C/N/N/Generic Radar T/R

Hmmm, your are in a place of mountains a valley enough to deter the group 3 Kilometers in order to retrieve their stuff, with 678 000.058 "carbon-based entities" per square Kilometer, projecting from, at most, three meters off the ground. Unless you're trying to spot a large, flying craft, this system is useless. It'd be so cluttered with phantoms, you wouldn't be able to accurately locate anything!

::Vibration Anomaly Analysis Systems (MSA/various)

Couple of reasons this one wouldn't help.
a) 2+ Kilometers away
b) My movements are silent anyway, meaning my footfalls don't make vibrations. You'd have to analyze the vibration of the air I would displace, which I assure you would be overcome by the wind

::[Visual Sensors]

Yeah, um... mountains, and valleys. Not going to help

You did mention REN having others, but since he did just reboot, I doubt he has brought any of them online.

So, in conclusion, it's entirely plausible that I can remain undetected until you happen upon me. Thus, I believe this is the best entry option.

b) I'm not sure about space travel, as I've no ability, nor desire to test it. The real problem is, as you stated, the initial force. Unless it was applied to every part of me equally, I'd probably be ripped apart. I didn't think this would be the chosen option, but I posted it because it was the only other idea I had.

So unless you're planning on taking the group back to earth (or another place) soon, we're stuck with some variation of these two.

Either that or you just deny me the right to join -.-

QuoteShameless fanboy vampire... -.-

Absolutely. This surprises you?

Added after 8 minutes:

Oh, just one more question: How in the world are you scanning 314.159265 square kilometers for organic life? I didn't even know there was a conceivable Carbon detection method that could reach that far!


Quote from: "Tsubashi"A lot of stuff considering the effect and ability of REN's sensor systems

Rebuttal. Uh.

Not that i object about it being a good option, but I feel some things have to be explained here to let things work good. Let me explain some things about the sensor systems here, yah...

Sonar T/R: True REN usually doesn't use this on any longer ranges, as it takes way too much energy to maintain a broadcast of a sound wave spectrum compared to the other systems, and it also isn't all that fast. Mainly it is used as a "second eye", as to enable 360 degree FOV.

C/N/N/Generic Radar T/R: Despite the C/N/N enhancement of the system it is clearly outdated, and therefore mostly unusable in current situation.

Visual: Well, word.

So basically what we're left with is the EISS - short for, as i might have said, Electronic Impulse Sensor System. I can't go into all too much details around its exact structure here - this project has been under my development for over two years now and is mostly confidential, even to those close to me - but what i CAN do is describe its effect.
The EISS utilizes, not as one might think from the name, electrical field, but rather a very light circumventing stream of pure energy ("protocol V-field"). The flow used in the EISS is channeled in very small flows, however - unlike other mechanisms using the V-field - and is thus able to both minimize energy loss, enable complete penetration and maximize the accuracy of the detection system by incomprehensible ranges. The V-field energy is led in hemispheric orbit - with REN as base - that can be expanded to vast ranges - however this is rarely used without huge console mechanisms to process the data. The theoretical max cap of REN's console's data processing range is somewhere around 10^8 meters, but this requires all other processes to be shut down entirely, including support and system, which would make the whole process meaningless. Actual max cap is not yet determined.
The console analyzes the data from the V-field energy and can, depending on how much processing power that is allocated to the process, make out landscapes and organic entities by analyzing their sub- and atomic structure and comparing them to a register. (Note that the accuracy can range from a fault range of squirrel to badger, to mapping the entire molecular structure of the entity in question.) The EISS differs sentient organic lifeforms from non- so by determining the NE level within said entity.

I know that this might sound like complete wickwash, but rest assured that there IS a nearly complete explanation of the function and effect of the EISS and like systems. And if you refuse to deter this as plausible I'll simply have to refer to law 49 (i think it was)...

Never drag real laws of physics into a discussion about a fictional world.
(or something)


Added after 4 minutes:

Back on topic, I'll try devising some method for it, don' worry. My imagination can run marathons with more packing and less water than a camel can cross deserts with, so don' worry yerself for denial 'tall.
I'll try to have it up tomorrow. Otherwise it'll have to wait 'til sunday since I'll be gone from thursday and over the weekend. Opening up mah summer villa n' stuff.


Law 49? Of what?

Whomever wrote them obviously wasn't into Sci-fi. It's what I always do. Theorize until you reach a plausible solution, or an impasse! ^o^

So, in the spirit of that statement:

I shall first attempt to define "Pure Energy," as it is a rather vague term.
The word "pure" in this case is taken to mean "involving or containing nothing else but" and Energy means "the capacity of a physical system to do work." Thus "Pure Energy," in this context, becomes "Isolated energy" or "Energy without physical properties"

Now, with that defined, let take it into context:

Quotea very light circumventing stream of pure energy

I've never heard the word "circumventing" used like that before, but taking it's meaning to be "to find a way around (an obstacle)." An interesting thing for energy to do on it's own, but I will at this point allow that it does. Next,

Quoteand is thus able to both minimize energy loss

Pure energy which also avoids obstacles should experience no energy loss, regardless of burst sizes. If you speak of battery drain, I don't doubt that pure energy requires a lot of impure energy to manufacture, so shorter bursts would be better.

Quote, enable complete penetration

Enable complete penetration? I thought we were avoiding objects, not puncturing them. That portion is utterly incomprehensible to me

QuoteThe V-field energy is led in hemispheric orbit

errr... how are you controlling the energy beam? Newton's first law tells us:
QuoteEvery object in a state of uniform motion tends to remain in that state of motion unless an external force is applied to it.

So once you start the beam, it will continue in a strait line, because you would be unable to modify it's course by physical means (see definition of Pure Energy)

And as long as we're on the subject, how are you collecting data from this? You never mention the beam returning, and even if it did, it's avoiding physical objects, which would include you!

I'm sorry if I'm being offensive, but seeing as I have few ways to join, both of which have objections, I am attempting to rationalize the occurrence of the most likely one. Perhaps you shouldn't try to make the EISS an omniscient, omnipresent god-like scanner, as it really can't be done.


I'm really sorry to tell you this, Tsubashi, but I really can't tell you more details on the EISS since I'm in a Asahina Mikuru dilemma here. More than this and it's classified information. It's also hard for me to rewrite the complete description to something that is comprehensible yet does not reveal the details, so I guess I'll just drop that...nothing annoys me more than a situation like this, sorry.

Also, the law 49 I'm speaking of is from the infamous Laws of Anime, but I believe it's been used in other contexts as well.

Anyways. Being a vampire, your molecular structure isn't registered on the database anyway, which makes your presence easily mistakable for something like a bear. Thus it's probably easiest for us to go with something like the a) thing anyway, since it also is the most (as you said before) likely to happen.


Just so everyone knows, this project is postponed until my finals are over. Period. And that won't be until next wednesday, so i hope y'all don' die from RP abstinence 'til then.



Kial Harry Potter ĉiam faras danĝerajn aferojn?

Pro lia vol\' de mort\'!


Revival time suyou minasan! Are yar ready???

I'm thinking of waiting some day or two more, though - since there are just HEAPLOADS of new interesting members, i thought i could see what i could scramble up to make this merry little group a little more merry and a little less little. Yar gettin' meh?

Story is now under buildup, nyoro~ -w-


Im starting my invasion of the games thread ~pyoro :3

Class:Lawyer Assasin :3
Appearance:Black hair with some white in the middle,half of his face is burnt,his left eye is golden colour his right eye is covered because of the burn with a dark mask,wears a dark glove(knife secretly hidden in) a van hellsing like hat(also works as a secret smoke bomb) and a dark crimson cloak(has secret pockets and bullet proof and energy proof) a magical crimson shaped necklace and gentelman like boots(has sharp spikes) and a belt with small tight straps to carry his vials/potions/explosives
Height: 170cm

Personality:A loner who hardly ever trust anyone,likes to intrude on things secretly,prefers to walk at night when theres less people,likes to wander

Background:When he was young his parents were arrested for a murder,so he was forced to survive on his own,in school he was a loner shunned by his classmates he focused on his studies on always got top of the class,when he was 20 he became a lawyer so he could free his parents,but while on a case his face was severely burn and he quit being a lawyer.

Strenght: 5


-by occasionally sneaking in his science lab in school he managed to learn alchemy,he oftenly uses this to make poison,potions and explosive,can also gain special abilities if he drinks them(with a few side-effects)

Exotic Weapon Proficiency:15
-Specialises  in Exotic Weapons *eg Throwing dagger,Rapier,Chemicals*

-Ever since he was young he likes to takes things apart and study them he oftens take apart the computers in his school,he is able to make tools from simple primitive objects and turn them to sentrys,robots ect/


Wind Walk:5
-He is able to walk fast and silently by sacrificing some of his stamina

-With his necklace he is able to tell if a person is lying or not.


8 small hidden special throwing daggers that are able to spray poison stuck over his clothes by a long transparent thread
A Rapier with chemically enchanced energy tied to his belt
a small alchemy set(which he made himself)
A small lighter hidden in his hat
and several small vials
A Pocket Note where he writes his ingredients and notes

Edited after finally knowing its sci-fi base ~pyoro :3

Them be the Velvets. They are made of Velvets and Megidolaon.

Lt. Iria

I guess this is what you were talking about in the into thread, hmm?
Anyways, I see Tsubashi's joined (or is trying to) so I might as well too, right? ^_^

NAME: Iria Sumeragi
CLASS: Black Swan (Human)
AGE: 19

APPEARANCE: Iria has shoulder length, dark green hair in which is usually found a jeweled headband. She has a heart-shaped face with a wide forehead and a widow’s peak. Her deep blue eyes seem large and wide-spaced; always full of expression. While rather strong, she looks slender and perhaps slightly underweight. She is very fair skinned. Her outfit varies with her mood, but typically seems to vacillate between a cute school girl outfit, Victorian era dresses, or a militaristic uniform.

Height: 190 cm
Weight: 65 Kg

PERSONALITY: Iria is commonly not commanding, and takes charge only when necessary. When in charge, however, she rules with iron fist. She's opinionated about many things, and is not afraid to share her thoughts. She has an intense fascination with mystical things, which often lead to trouble. Iria prides herself on being hard to frighten and takes especial pleasure in protecting others.

BACKGROUND: When Iria was very little, she would often take walks in the woods alone. Her parents had recently divorced, and didn't keep a good eye on her. One day, she came across a group of boys talking in the woods. They used a lot of word she didn't understand, but it sounded mysterious. They talked about 'the cold ones' and 'phasing' and stuff like that. When she had almost decided to fo talk to them, they suddenly cocked their heads and then ran off into the forest. She tried to follow, but they were too fast.
That memory never left her, and drove her to delve into researching mythical creatures. Her abnormal obsession allowed her to see what others did not when she met Tsubashi. She was about sixteen when she moved into a small, almost always overcast town. Due to Tsubashi's diminutive size, it was easy for him to pass a child and was, at this time, attending the local high school to blend in. Her paranoiac nature immediately accused him of inhumanness based on his appearance and mannerisms. Unlike all her other accusation before now, however, she was spot on in accusing Tsubashi of Vampirism. She began collecting her evidence.
At first, Iria had begun to give up on her otherworldly theories, and scrutinized Tsubashi more out of habit than anything. As the pieces fell together, however, she began to realize that this was it, the thing she'd been searching for all her life. Her enthusiasm bubbled over and before she knew what she was doing, she was blatantly asking Tsubashi if he was a vampire. He was, of course, a bit taken aback, but promptly denied such. Undeterred, she followed Tsubashi to a meeting of The House of Twilight. As she tried to listen in, a tracker smelled her, and would have killed her if Tsubashi had not intervened in her defense. She joined the House as a Kithani. Over the next few years, she and Tsubashi became good friends, and she progressed in House rank until she was a Lieutenant of the Mradu class (Guardians and Warriors), an exceptional feat. She is the first Human to be promoted to a leadership position in that class.

Strength: 14
Dexterity: 16
Intelligence: 10
Mind: 16


Marksmanship: 30
   - Iria is well skilled with most every projectile weapon, and is accurate beyond belief
Mradu Training: 25
   - Though Iria is not a vampire, she was trained to fight as one. She is unusually talented at tracking and stealth, and is also more than able to cope in hand-to-hand combat.


Resilience: 15
   - Iria is no stranger to harm. Attending House meetings is an extremely dangerous ordeal for her. Being on deaths door is not a new experience for her. Still she has pulled through before, and intends to stay alive. Her experience and training make her inconceivably hard to kill


1         - Pair of Amahk Blades (concealed)
2         - SIG P226 Semi-Automatic Pistols
1         - Unique Alpine TPG-1 rifle
1       - Cloaking Field
1         - Midnight blue silky purse, containing:
      --> Ammunition
      --> Gardenia Lilly Body Spray
      --> Midnight Pomegranate Lotion
      --> An All-in-One super makeup kit
      --> Small Khethian blade
      --> Binoculars
      --> Mints
      --> Jewelry

A couple notes, yes I did talk all this over with Tsubashi (In fact, he wrote most of it! ;)) so I'm not just roping him into my stories without consent
As for how I'll get introduced, I'll be walking with Tsubashi-san! Plus, my cloaking field will even account for why REN didn't detect us! (Yes, I  did read both threads all the way through ^v^)

Ah, and yes, we did raid my purse when we ran out of ideas for equipment. Who knows? Maybe those random items will come in handy! ^_^
^o^ Lithuanian Iria? It\'s Lieutenant Iria, thank you very much! ^o^


Gokurou-sama, minasan! Fufufufuuu....i see my relentless adthrow in the intro thread served its purpose!!! MY PLAN HAST SUCCEEDED!!!

And Tsubashi's apprentice...? fufufu....also first female char -w- This is going to be FUN. -v-
I'll prolly start up this evening, but now if you excuse me I have to go help my grandma get rid of her spyware and show her the glory of firefox and opensource. Sore ja! *hops off*