Review on Fire Emblem 6

Started by ShinraKenshin, June 03, 2005, 07:08:09 PM

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 Yo folks back from my trip . Now to talk about something else than the new line ups of the strong competion from ps3 and xbox 360 . The new line up series for the fire emblem is truely remarkable yet it adds more to it. Mage Knights , Wyern Knights, etc alot of new classes here and from what I seen a Fighter can change into a hero...which is odd...yet kinda understandable. but let your view points input here  

L33t 4g3nt

 never heard of Fire Emblem


 HUH!? You've never heard of FE? *faints*


 Fire emblem never heard of it? yup you are a playstation fanatic for sure but thats another story . Fire emblem is exact replica from advance wars just more different with a rpg taste to it.


 Actually, quite the contrary there... Advance Wars is a replica of Fire Emblem, lol.  The basis behind the strategy aspects of both games are basically the same, but Fire Emblem has more emphasis on keeping your characters alive than Advance Wars as when they die you can't get them back, while Advance Wars runs on a full scale war with training your troops and such.  It's all fun, though, and players of both games should like the other one.


 In short the game it self is good to buy and to rent but remember buy this game if your a hard core gamer at RPG/Stragey if not then this game isnt for you . On another note sense I brought the subject up any one got the rom for this game truely apperciate it if you have it for the english verson of this .