H-NA Productions' RP - ERROR:403 (Ingame)

Started by NejinOniwa, April 26, 2007, 03:46:37 PM

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"This will do." Said Gummster to Exa just before walking into the field.
Walking through a dimension portal is something not everyone can do. Yet Gummster walked through it as if there was nothing to it. He was instantly transported to before that dark creature.
"Leave this world, go back from where you came"
The creature was about to attack him but instead landed on Gummsters bow. The creature turned into black smoke. Gummster waited for Ren and then took him through the portal again.
Gummster was dead serious, "all of you should start repairing the ship, I'm going to hunt more of those creatures, I don't recommend you following me.
Exa you can do thought transport right... if I haven't returned before you finish, call me."

Gummster then mumbled "fyrsta stig, hleypa kraft úr læðingi, dauði" And his outward appearance changed like when he faced Iria, but yet he didn't look as scary, just serious, he was obviously not going all out on the enemy.
Gummster then disappeared into the forest.