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Mmmmkayssu! It's come again! How shall it end?
Since this section is about Games and Roleplaying, and I've only seen living threads of the first during my time here, well, I've decided to try reviving this somehow. Therefore, as Haruhi would have said,
Or something like that, but in a rather more humble fashion ^_^
Anyways, I've got a quite big base already, a jumbled-up mass of plot twists and even a few documents about specific things that I've written during my bored moments. The setting is a Sci-fi one, loosely based on Earth and somewhat alike to the one seen in The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy, with the exception of an Earth that as well is highly developed.
I'm usually a proclaimer of halfwed anarchy, but in RP's i like to keep it somewhat organized, at least, so there'll be the statsy stuff. Rules are loose as of now, but might get harder later. Here's what we'll start with, though...
The first thing we'll need is of course, characters. Rules for creation are few, but since there are stats here there of course are limits ^-^
Here's my example character form. Copy/Paste and move on...;)

NAME: This one is pretty obvious. Make up one.
CLASS/RACE: If you're a vampire, write that. If you're TMNT, scribble it down. If you're a three-headed monster frog, punch it in. Class is NOT job.
ORIGIN: Just make up some planet name or something if you're lazy ^_^
AGE: Once again, pretty simple. Obasan or kodomo?

APPEARANCE: The general looks of your character. Fatness, pink hair, peg leg or extremely Moe - anything that ways goes here. IMPORTANT: Make sure you write down your Weight/Height here.
PERSONALITY: All random personality traits and quirks go here. This section might be seen as important, since the quality of roleplay is largely based on how well one adapts to one's character. Much innovativeness and fun ideas encouraged!
BACKGROUND: So here you write a little something to make that random planet your character comes from a little less random, and your character's appearance a little less shunkan idou plot device-ish. Once again, tap away at the keyboard as much as you like!

Here you have 120 points to spend away with as you like. The base stats will be:

With the last one being stuff like willpower and stress tolerance. You can have maximally 20 in a single stat (unless you have REALLY good reasons to do otherwise).
The rest will be spent on Skills and Abilities. Skills can be anything from Swordfighting and Navigation to Climbing or Singing. Most skills are pretty self-explanatory but if you have something that isn't all too obvious then write a short note about what it is.
Abilities are special stuff, like inborn talents or special effects, and can be stuff like Resistance to poisons and alcohol, Natural armor or (!) Mikuru Beam - it's your choice. I won't dictate point costs much, but use these as guidelines:
Lesser 5p         Lagom(picked this word up during my travels) 10p        Greater 20p

Here's this section again. It's pretty basic - use you own judgment and get yourself fitting weapons, items and stuff like that. I recommend not having too many weapons as well - the basic issue of carrying the stuff is still De Facto (no hoipoi capsules people ;)). Now three examples of stuff you DO NOT HAVE:

since the second two are just cheating, and the first one is just NOT ALLOWED. If you absolutely must, then kidnap another player ;) (although I won't be responsible for the consequences ^_^)

That's about it! Oh also, since this is a H-NA production...
(cuz I don' wanna be all alone ^_^)

Provided there's enough people interested I'll get things going quite soon.
That is all!



NAME: Gummster ( sorry I couldn't think of anything else)
CLASS/RACE: Countryside Icelander
ORIGIN: The planet Snow-A-Lot
AGE: 26
APPEARANCE: Long blonde hair, 183cm, average muscular, 70kilos
PERSONALITY: Smart and with fast reflexes, knows martial arts, only uses his powers for good!
BACKGROUND: Born on the planet Snow-A-Lot in the year 974334983485716371 (the year 1981 in human time). Nothing is known of his past except that he saw his parents grow very fat as a child. Gummster never saw them again, nor did he want to. He appeared on earth a few years later. Gummster uses a violin as his weapon but only helps the good, the ones in need and people who pay a lot of money. But that sum does not exist as he only wants Snow-A-Lot currency. There is nothing that Gummster enjoys more then eating chocolate Oreo's and teaching. Current location always unknown, but there have been rumours that he resides in Iceland, this is unconfirmed and uncertain.

STATS SECTION: Here you have 120 points to spend away with as you like. The base stats will be:
Strength: 10
Dexterity: 20
Intelligence: 20
Karma: 1
Mind: 20

Playing the violin: 30
Martial arts: 19

Music notes
A lot of chocolate Oreo's

And if I may ask, what does the "//Nei" means *refrains from telling the Icelandic meaning*


Ah! We have our first entrant! Ssu! *does a little Akira-sama imitation here*
So...Combat Violinist Gummster, eh? That sounds intriguing!
And you may ask ^_^ Well basically, Nei/Neige is one of my four pseudo-signatures (The others being Hana/Hanaë, Chip and Neana), and doesn't actually hold any lingual meaning, except in its long form where it means "snow" in french.
So, if i may ask you then, Combat Violinist-ssu, what does it mean in icelandic?


It merely means 'no' in Icelandic although many words have been created from it, they're too many too count. But this is getting a little off topic.


Yessu! (As I recall from my travels, though, Nei or Nej means no in most nordic languages.)

Now, back to applicants!
And oh, some advise on BALANCE:

In the stats section you might've wanted more of that, combat violinist-ssu ^^ (although it of course is up to you in the end)
To clarify,
6 is bad, 10 is normal, 13 is good, 16 is extreme and 20 is way overkill.
1 is total newbie, 5 is beginner, 10 and you've got all basics down, 15 and you're starting to learn special stuff, 20 and you're good at special stuff, 25 and you've mastered almost everything, 30 and above and you're probably legendary and making up own techniques and teaching people.
Powergaming IS allowed, but i'd not say it's encouraged ^-^; Also, a karma that low will make you eternally followed by misfortune and stuff. Karma is important (and lowering it a way of punishment ^_^) and the only base stat which fluctuates rather heavily depending on your actions. It's karma, desho? ^_^

More people needed! Come on, don't be shy!



Name: Exa Thundercloud, Stormy Mage from the Outer World
Race: Human
Class: Lighting Mage
Origin: Outer World
Age: 18
Appearance: short blond hair, 172 cm, a bit thin, wears  blue lightning-decorated clothes with a cloak and gloves
Personality: smart but lazy, tends to act random but he is helpful, hates strict rules, doesn't abuse his powers

Background: Exa Thundercloud wants to learn about magic as much as possible. He traveled to many worlds and dimensions. Unlike his brother, Dracon Goldflame, he is very adventurous, and likes randomness. When he sees a dimension door/gate/whatever, his first thing is to go in! That's how he appeared in that world...

Strength: 8 (he doesn't have good physical strength because of his lack in training.)
Dexterity: 12 (not bad in avoiding attacks, but still has a lot to learn)
Intelligence: 20 (he wants to be the best mage, so he learns a lot about it)
Karma: 10 (not very lucky or unlucky)
Mind: 15 ( he gained willpower because the random events which happened with him)

Weapon proficiency - Staff: 10 (as a mage, he found staff a fitting weapon, and good for self-defense)
Meditation: 10 (when he has enough time, he could regain his  mana and stamina with this skill)
Magic proficiency - Lighting Magic: 20 (his primary skill, good for offense and defense, too)
Alchemy: 5 (he has some basic skill in making simpler potions, like minor healing/mana potions)

Concentration: 5 (with a short concentration, he can improves his abilities a bit, so he easier can avoid attacks or does better strikes)
Planeswalker: 5 (he traveled in my dimensions, so he can easier adapt to different worlds.)

Staff, decorated with a Topaz: his symbol and main weapon, does an additional (low) lighting damage with each strike
Lighting Necklace: gives him protection against lighting magic


NAME: Kaijugurati "Ji" Ndena
CLASS/RACE: Sentient penguin
ORIGIN: this penguin appeared as an effect of an emerge with errorneous use-flags. The compile took place at a webserver on Tepalgueva.
AGE: 11 years

APPEARANCE: He is an emperor penguin, about 1.20m in height and weights 40 kg
PERSONALITY: The penguin never experienced muuch social interaction, so he appears slightly autistic. Proprietary programs and especially OSes make him angry. He wants to be with others but he is really inept concerning this.
BACKGROUND: Tepalgueva is a planet which tried to compensate the complete ineptness of politicians by making the most clever person on the planet king. However cleverness does not mean being a good politician and so Tepalgueva remains an underdevelopped, backwater planet, infamous for its plantations (coffee as well as coca and other drugs), crime, temple and corruption.

Strength 5
Dexterity 20
Intelligence 16
Karma 12
Mind 17

kernelhacking: 20
swimming: 20
system administration: 10 (includes LARTing)

various live-CDs and installation CDs.
a cluisville slugger as LART

Kial Harry Potter ĉiam faras danĝerajn aferojn?

Pro lia vol\' de mort\'!


Alrightey! 'Tseems 'twasn't easy to just drag y'um t'getha fer just things random n' unconfirmed! But anywayssu, in an attempt to get things rolling somewhat at least, I'll hereby declare the RP...semi-open! Meaning, anyone can freely create a character and play it into the game, but RP'ing is still underway. Ganbarimassu, minasan!

First of all, though, I'll be posting up your "guide" character...I give you REN!

CLASS: Most likely some sort of Robot/Cyborg type.
ORIGIN: Earth, Southern Hemisphere
AGE: Unknown.

REN seems to have been designed like a piece of modern art - some parts perfected, some parts hastily done and some just thrown in the last second or randomly placed. Outer layer is a metal armor-like construction in black, white, red and green. The head is helm-like and equipped with long, pointy sensor arrays as ears and two shining red eyes as main visual providers. Between the eyes are a fan-like constellation of silver-hued blades forming a dawn-like symbol crest on the forehead. The back of the head is equipped with tentacles the size of a grown man's arm in shifting colors, without any known purpose other than to liken hair - below those are a silvery wing and thruster construction, folded up to take as little space as possible.
Height: 2.52 meters    Weight: Only 234 kilograms, due to a very light NCSA exoskeleton structure.

Silent, cold and analytic. Statements are made objectively and very impersonally, and the androgynous, metallic voice doesn't really improve matters.

Except silent murmurs about a hidden laboratory on Earth southern hemisphere, REN regards this as classified information for all and everyone, and has thus revealed nothing else.


Strength: 12/20
Dexterity: 16/8
Intelligence: 15
Karma: 7
Mind: 13

Weapon - Close Combat Energy-blades:
Information Technology: 3
Navigation - Stellar Crafts: 5
Astral/Virtual manipulation/navigation: 9
Scientific skills: 3


Adaptive Process Power Transfer (5) - this allows REN to sacrifice flexibility for power, by bypassing priority classifications of power regulations.
Neuro-virtualisative intrusion (10 - this allows REN to access electroactive neural constructions and create, erase, read and manipulate data.
Extended Console Database (5) - REN's console contains an extended database, which contains an almost amount of accessible data. This has been done at the cost of the universal access uplink, though, and new data is thus only processible through manual input or direct hardwire linkage.

You guys know what the best thing with this kind of chara is? That you can be in constant Nagato Yuki-mode if you like! ^w^

[EDIT]I just saw that I forgot inputting the equipment data...^-^;[/EDIT]

Primary Weapon: ETHEREAL (Black-bladed beamsword)
Secondary Weapon: LEVCS (Laser-Enhanced Vibro Close-combat Systems)
Sensor systems:
EISS (Electric Impulse Scanning System) (MSA)
Sonar Transmitter/Receiver (MSA)
C/N/N/Generic Radar T/R (MSA)
Vibration Anomaly Analysis Systems (MSA/various)
IR Reception systems (MV)
Spectral Reception system (MV)
UV Projection/Reception system (MV)

Note that i only jotted down the constantly active sensor systems for now, since writing them all down would be a damn PITA/WOT.

Anyways, with at least a few characters introduced and REN activated, we'll move on...



Ever since the first eras of the commercialization of space, there have always been numerous places for all sorts of lifeforms to stop by for a rest, a meal or, the ever-so-popular drink. New such are built all the time, and every day a few follows the circle of birth and destruction of the interstellar market and are closed, taken over, converted into something entirely else or, in some cases, simply blown up by people who didn't think it belonged there - wherever now that might have been. But there are some of those places that have remained almost from the beginning, and are yet doing business all 512 days of the intergalactic year. They can be everything from the finest restaurants to the worst shack you've ever seen, and the personnel can be anything from swarms of the most beautiful ladies of the oh-what-a-sight-Trondians, to a single grumpy Hugg, but there are two things that you can always get on these veteran "spacehuts".
They are:
The most accurate information about happenings for low and high in the area, but more importantly, the the best drinks you can find in a distance of a few light years.
The name of this particular bar is "The Jigsaw Barrel" and it is located in space sector TPS-X043AVV, and for the moment it is floating a few hundred miles off the surface of Neptune. It is quite scabby, and definitely nothing for the finer society of the sentients around Terra Primus Tellus - or as its native sentients, the humans, so primitively call it, "The Earth" - but anyone who's interested in a good place for lower-hand dealings, first-class information, a good fight or the best drinks in the whole TPS space region, knows that the barkeep, a heavyset, wizened human in his fifties with arms like logs who goes by the name William, is the first man you'd talk to if you ever needed any of them.
On this particular day there were a few quite interesting guests in the main halls of the Jigsaw Barrel - and also a few that weren't as good as they thought at resisting the poisonous Ethanol of human-made beverages that had felt it necessary to relocate themselves to the bathrooms - and among those were,

Kaijugurati "Ji" Ndena, the legendary sentient penguin who just had been caught trying to uninstall every single shred of proprietary data on the bar's computer systems,

Exa Thundercloud, your traditional robed lightning mage who had one day, somewhat drunk, went through a dimensional portal in a closet and all of a sudden had appeared on the stage during the performance of a local run-of-the-mill stage magician, instead of the pigeons,

Gummster, the constantly sweating countryman who despite this fact is always wearing at least 4 layers of clothing,

And finally REN, who most thought was just a piece of decoration or a metal chunk since nobody ever saw its limbs move once (since there was nothing for robots to drink in the bar).

Little was said, but all knew that something soon would happen to be told in stories far to come.



Ouch... My head is aching... where am I? I went to the Singing Blade inn with Dracon, but I can't remember what happened. I shouldn't drink that much alcohol...

Exa Thundercloud, the Stormy Mage from the Outer World celebrated his success in magic experiments with his brother, Dracon Goldflame, but the celebration went to a huge drinking contest. And since Exa can't stand much alcohol, he went drunk easily. He went (more like crawled) to the toilet to do what people do in a toilet, but with a strange flash, he disappeared...

He was on the stage! A magician was doing his usual show, and he tried to pull off the good old pigeon trick. But instead of the pigeons, Exa showed up. The audience clapped - they thought it was a part of the show.

Excuse me, where am I? - asked Exa from the magician.
Why are you here? You are not a pigeon! - answered the magican.
Of course I am not a pigeon! - The Stormy Mage was angry, in his current state, he wasn't very calm.
But it means that I summoned you?
No, and if you can't answer to my question, leave me alone! - Exa left the stage.
Wait!... - the magician followed him.

The audience still didn't recognize that wasn't part of the show.

Oh man, this is crazy! A stupid person follows me, and I don't even know where am I! I must get some information about this place... and something to put an end to my headache! - mumbled the Stormy Mage...


Hmph, what a useless bunch of people Says Gummster as he walks backstage after a short concert for the higher ups in the Countryside of his home country.

Gummster, one of the better musicians of his time on his planet was playing for the higher society of the countryside of his motherland. Gummster was not really the type that played in gathering as these but in the lights of events he did.

God I hope I don't have to do an encore Gummster says as the audience clapped and cheered.
Huh, I guess I don't have choice
As Gummster prepared to get back on the stage he somehow walked into an unfamiliar place where a magician seemed to have pulled a Stormy Mage out of a hat.
What the hell is this? Where the hell is this? And why did a magician pull a Mage out of a hat? No, wait that doesn't matter now

Gummster looks around really confused, he tries to find reasons about how he ended in this place, he finds none.

Well at least I have my violin and bow so I don't have to worry about people beating me up. But right now I need to ask some question about this place, and if anyone could get me some Oreos Thinks Gummster and hums the fourth act of Jóhannesar úr Kötlu Ode to reality, which incidentally he was going to play before he morphed into where ever he was right now.


"...seems to have been some problems with the warp stuff lately, so there's been coming lots of folk here from other places...dunno why really, but hey, if I make money out of it, it can't be that bad, now can it? Bwahahahahahahaha!"
The today oddly cheerful barkeep William was doing some small talk with the guests at the bar desk, and a generally cheerful noise was generated from the big hall.
The bar was quite filled with people tonight; many was there to watch the finals of the world championships in Weightless Wheelchair Horse Polo, one of the more extreme sports played in the spacedome arenas these days - mainly extreme because it was built out of probably the most damn stupid idea ever - but some where there just out of habit, or for a casual drink. In one corner there was a 5 square meter area surrounded by laser shield projectors, where the more official bar fights were held, but since most rambos were watching the game the corner was empty - at least for the moment. The barkeep turned his head to a heap of metal at his side and boomed, "What was it again that you called that malfunctionismy thingy, dictionary?"
A metallic sigh was generated out of the robot's main speakers. It was quite raggish and might have been chosen to represent the stereotypical robotic beggar, if there was such a thing - but it was actually the bartender's helper, D-1C "Thierry", nicknamed Dictionary by William due to his word-specific database - but he answered in a bored tone, "Core data corruption of the priority regulator in the hyperspace cyber generator, Will. And my name is Thierry," he continued, but the barkeep had already moved on his discussion with the customer in front of him before the robot had even finished his first sentence properly. The raggish D-1C model sighed again, and went back to polishing the glasses.
Which is when he noticed the simultaneous appearance of a robed man on the stage in the back of the hall, and a violin-brandishing man in heavy fur clothing mysteriously walking out of a door that definitely had not been there last time he checked (193.425 seconds ago according to data log), which quickly disappeared behind him once he was through. My, my, the robot thought, and continued watching in silence as the two mysterious approached the seats in front of his main visual, the robed man tightly followed by the stage magician that he had stunned with his appearance.


The penguin just waddled into the bar and hid under a table. Why do people never understand that it is for the sake of _them_ that Ji attempted to free their computers. Instead, people always get angry at his tiredless attempts to save their computers' souls. From under the table, Ji looked at the scene: There were some new people in the bar. A guy in robe is followed by another guy, who also wears a robe, a weird person with a... some form of instrument... both of these new people look rather disoriented. He decided to use this confusion. He waddled to the violinist and squawked: "Can you please pretend I am your pet" hoping that the weird person who caught him red-winged at the PC would fall for that. He tried to look so cute as a penguin with a LART and a big box of installation-CDs can.

Kial Harry Potter ĉiam faras danĝerajn aferojn?

Pro lia vol\' de mort\'!


It's confusing... so confusing... I need to get information... - Exa seemed nervous, but suddenly, he smiled! Wait! It's a bar, this is good for me! - and he walked to the entrance. The magician still followed him. Wait... are you a real mage? - asked the magician from Exa.
It's not your business!
I said what I said! - the effects from the alcohol showed the Stormy Mage's worst side. But when he looked around, he saw a very strange thing: a penguin talked to a musician-looking person. Am I hallucinating? - said Exa, and went to the two suspicious person...


As Gummster was walking around trying to figure out what happened a little penguin walked up to him and asked him if he could pretend to be his pet. Confused of the fact that a penguin was talking he looked silently at the little fellow.
"What is this, a talking penguin, not just that but asking me to pretend to be his owner, why?" This and more went through Gummsters head as he stared at the penguin.

"I'm sorry what?" Asked Gummster, the unknown penguin asks again.
"Erm... sure why not. But only if you can tell me what this place is. And if I can find any Oreos here preferably chocolate ones."

Gummster finally got his eyes of the penguin as he saw a laughing robot walking past him.
"What is that?"
Gummster had no time to think about that as the Stormy Mage that the magician from the show earlier approached him.
Gummster had nothing to say but "Hi Mr. Mage"


"This place is called The Jigsaw Barrel... not the place you want to be if there is no way to waddle back home! Especially not if people chase you for freeing their computers! And Oreos? What are they?" during this, the penguin hid behind the musician since he feared those lusers have found him.

Kial Harry Potter ĉiam faras danĝerajn aferojn?

Pro lia vol\' de mort\'!