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Introduction to OS-tans

Started by Bella, April 22, 2007, 05:26:57 pm

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o-o It's like the abcs, I don't remember a time when they didn't exist!


a long time ago on /b/, and i've never bothered to look for a collection of os-tan stuff until now.  i think XP was the first one i ever saw.
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And why, oh why am I not surprised at all by this fact?

Ask me, I dare you, anyone.


saw them on 4chan's megaslots, after that i liked them and found them on wiki.


hi everyone. me new here.

frankly speaking, I have no idea what an OS-tan was until i came to this site.. i tot they were called windows girls or whatever..


4chan introduced is that bad to say


I found out about them a couple years ago on a blog, the name of which slips my mind right now


(Hopefully you won't mind me bringing back such an old topic)

I first discovered OS-tans many years ago. I can't remember where, but I saw XP-tan somewhere, but didn't think much of it (I figured it was some kind of Office Assistant, like Clippit or the parrot my grandma had on her desktop). Years later, someone started a topic about them on GameFAQs, which let me to a YouTube video and the article on Wikipedia, and then to here.


I know about their in wikipedia, when I make a investigation for the institute-nyo


I found them over 4chan's comic thing. At first glance at them I was like "WTF? Is this real or not?" then i googled windows XP anime and found this..

hope that makes sense.
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My first computer a couple years ago happened to have Windows ME on it, and I was discussing my troubles with it in IRC when someone showed me an image of ME-tan, leading me to look it up. ^.^

My present computer has XP...


I found them when talking with a friend on MSN. Then I talked about lolifox and he asked if this was a firefox-tan. Then he told it was like a OS-tan. And then I ask him what is OS-tans and he told me.
Searching more info about it, I found this site and the wiki.


I was looking up info on Wikipe-tan when I saw a picture of the OS-tans that included my favorite OS-tan of all, ME, front and centre being levitated by CE-tan.
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Firefox-tan. I found a picture of her called 'virtualfox'. After looking at other Firefox-tans, I found my way to here.
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i dont know how but i 1st saw XP-tan on youtube than i saw ME-tan and did a google search on her than i did a search on OS-tan and thats how i found this site