What computer/OS are you using?

Started by Bella, April 16, 2007, 02:59:17 PM

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Raffaele the Amigan


No AROS installed...

I run it from Live CD...

Also i left only two installed Linux OS. Both are on my Celeron 600...

I just prefer to run Knoppix Linux from Live CD...

Next time I will use memory sticks that gain more speed than a CD...

And also I forgot to mention I have also an Intellevision console.
Pegasos computer: CPU PPC G3 600MHz, RAM DDR 512 MB PC3200, Graphic Card ATI 9250 256 MB videoram. SO MorphOS 1.4.5
;011 -(Caramba! El nuevo Peggy computador es Amiga compatible y muy Mejor!)
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QuoteYep, and tally up another Ubuntu-based disto on the list! ^v^

Linux Mint...nice.... ;010


I would like to point out my stats on Sakura change weekly or so and so its normally K/Ubuntu and then 3-4 other random distros.


I *might* try running a somewhat small, easy distro on my old Win98...if...it still runs XD


My Machine

Name: Alex
Manufacturer: Dell
Model: OptilPlex GX260
Processor: Intel Pentium 4 1.8 GHz
RAM 256MB (Plus 2GB of VRAM)
OS: Windows XP SP2

New Machine
Manufacturer: Yamaha
Model: CX5M
Processor: Zilog Z80A
RAM: 32 kb (up to 64 kb)(plus 16K VRAM
All OSes Can Live together
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Cool! Another named system. Mine is Shadows K8 (pronounced like Kate), which is actually the model name it came with, oh well. My dad's we simply call the D.Y. (not so long story...look at the HP symbol upside-down...) Sometimes I call it Pokey, though XD


Mine are also named. Jenjitux is my primary one, Miranda or slowtux is the name for my slow one and Francesco the name for my historic one.

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Hehe...my computer's just named NeoN-ALPHA...and i think i'm gonna name the new building one NeoN-DELTA, skipping BETA since that's my iPod...^_^
I like to keep things slightly systematical, i guess


Oh! CPU Names I forgot to include those.
The Mac mini is named Sazaki
The first Power Mac is named NERV, plus it's disks are Melchior, Balthazar and Casper ^^'
The second Power Mac is named Pyrrho (Points for whomever can guess what problems I've been having with it ^-^)
The Laptop is "Da Lappy" (For obvious reasons ^__^)
The AmbrA is Tama-chan (long story behind that one ^^')
And... I don't think I'll start into my old mac lab, as most of them were named on a whim by a friend ^^'


My Tower is named Minawa,
Laptop is named Nichole (bouns points for anyone that gets that refereence)
My PSP is called Chachamaru
and mye DS is named Chachazero
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QuoteThe second Power Mac is named Pyrrho (Points for whomever can guess what problems I've been having with it ^-^)

If it was a laptop, I'd say fire (Sounds like pyro to me...)



*stands proudly*

I do proclaim that MY computers have VERY original names!  ^___^

Kubuntu machine:  Kubuntu-tan
eComstation machine:  eComstation-tan
Linux Mint machine:  Mint-tan
XP machine:  Saseko
XP-running Work Laptop:  Knoppix bait

Yep yep yep... *sighs*  I'm good..... -v-


I presume i have the permission to summon crossover sighs of Kyon in this thread? If so...

Kyon sighs at this.


Just kidding! Simple is good, deshou?


Well since were talking about computer names I think that I should say that my computer is name 'Gummi'.  Keep it simple! As Nejin said.



Name: EPICCOMP1 (network name)
OS: Win XP Pro w/ Service Pack 2
PSU: 600W Power-Up
Motherboard:EVGA nForce 680i SLI A1
CPU: Intel Core2 Duo E6700 @ 2.67 GHz
RAM: 2 GB Corsair PC 6400 (DDR2 800 MHz)
HDD: 320GB Seagate 7600 RPM (SATA)
Sound: SB X-Fi XtremeGamer Fatal1ty Edition
GPU: BFG GeForce 8800 GTS OC w/ 640MB GDDR3 VRAM (Factory overclocked: 550 MHz GPU, 1600MHz VRAM)