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Started by Spysweeper, April 15, 2007, 04:21:09 PM

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Does anyone here play M.U.G.E.N The game on the comp that allowing you put any 2d fighter character in it.  If so respond to this I'm looking for fans of this as well as new characters to download for it. So Far I have 200 characters and counting.


Yes, of course! ;) With putting characters from everywhere, we can create the most interesting fights in history! (Even if sometimes it'll end up in some imbalanced/overpowered characters ^^) Do you have any favorite crazy crossover fights?


Shin Gouki and Arcueid Brunestud Are my favorite teams

As well as Shadow Dio & Carnage they are a good team

Dragon claw is so hard to beat but i get around him.


I have an all rozen maiden version of it I think...
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Quote from: "CaptBrenden"I have an all rozen maiden version of it I think...

You mean RozenMUGEN? I have it, too! Also, I have a (poor) Star Wars version, a Mortal Kombat-based one, the Nijikaku game... and I have random characters from a lot of places. Sometimes I just watch how the different combatants fight... and these could have interesting results (Saber defeats Goro? o_o)