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Well, it's been a while since I've posted in here:

This is Holly, an OC of mine. I normally draw her at Christmas, a personal tradition of mine to draw that character I drew when I first joined dA. At the very least, it forces me to post something about once a year.
Things got really busy around the holidays this year for me, so this was supposed to be done on Chinese New Year's about 2 weeks ago, but things got in the way again. So I got it in just before the end of yesterday, which was the last day of Chinese New Year's. (In which case, I technically should have replaced the firecrackers with a paper lantern, but it would have been too much work to change at that point, and I wanted to retain some vague sense of being on time. haha)   

On the flip side, it does make for a nice art improvement showcase thingy. Haha, so many of these are rush jobs, which I guess show my true skill at the time, as opposed to some skill that I'm not used to doing yet.
Christmas 2004:

Christmas 2006:
Christmas 2007:
Chinese New Year 2009:
Christmas 2009:
Christmas 2010:
February 2012:


She's a great character, and has something original too ^z^


i favourited like, half of them, haha. looks cool dude, i like the evolving theme between them, how each one is connected but distinct. and yeah, draw moar. -w-


thanks guys~
lol, yeah, I was like "where the hell did I get a crapton of messages from?"

I don't really think about what the previous pic of her was. It's just something I've elected to do every holiday season, so it'll always have some holiday theme to it. Hence her name, Holly.
I don't think I even named her until 2 or 3 years after I first drew her. haha


it's a name worth waiting for. :3

and as i said. draw more than 4 times a year. >>;


I'm going to join the chorus of DRAW MOAR. ^o^





nice. :0


Very nice work, Balrith! Will we be seeing any more drawings from you? : o

(While you're at it, why don't you introduce yourself over at /Member Introduction Thread.) :D

@Kari: I already left my comment on dA, but i'll say it again - I really like that character design and it's eerily close to my concept for Linux Mint-tan. @.@


hrm, new linux mint-tan? .__.;


Maaaaybe. There may be some physical similarities between Mintzy and Linux Mint-tan (though it'd probably mostly be skintone and hair color). ^^;

LINC-tan, PDP-8-tan and (baby) PDP-12-tan.

1) This ship / family is historically accurate (The LINC and PDP-8 computers were packaged and sold together, and then later the PDP-12 was made as a combination of the LINC and PDP-8).
2) Of all the OS-tan factions, somehow I see DEC as the most likely to dabble in making Lesbian Science Babies. (Notorious for pursuing [relatively] trivial-but-advanced / interesting technologies instead of figuring out ways to, er, keep from going belly-up. Not to mention the rather ingrained family structure and that the members probably would have had enough time to raise kids if they so chose...)


Baby PDP-12 is so cute >w<


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love it, love it, love it. draw moar bells. and draw more babehs. :00

EDIT: hey guys, i'm not getting a response on facebook so i figured i'd ask here: if i were to get the comic started and all that, would it be bad if i were to get an account on adfly and redirect all the links through it to make some extra pennies? :\


Normally I wouldn't do this, but since she hasn't posted it yet...

New drawing from Bella. More Language-tans :3