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i adore hanafuda. tell me, child, do you have an ipod touch/iphone/ipad? because it would make teaching you a lot easier.


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Quote from: Chocofreak13 on April 28, 2013, 01:39:33 PM
i adore hanafuda. tell me, child, do you have an ipod touch/iphone/ipad? because it would make teaching you a lot easier.
*facepalm* I do, but it's been gone for quite some time in my home outside London ;^;
Maybe it has been stolen, or lost. If I get the chance I will have a good search for it.

And it was the first gen iPod touch anyway, so I don't think it would work tbh.
Sorry dude...  ;(へ_へ)


in that case i will provide you with the flash game that taught me to play, and a website with some instructions(i haven't read the second website yet but it looks alright):

for that flash game, be prepared to lose. a lot. and when you finally do win, there's a reverse version that activates, so be prepared to lose a lot AGAIN.

if you do ever find it, let me know, we might be able to get you that app, so we could face off against each other. -w-

in the meantime, i'll be searching for an online version that has 2-player.

Alex S

Not sure if this goes here or in its own topic, but here goes:

I made a few sprites that fit in a 32x32 pixel square.

Sprites are ME-tan, 95-tan, and TI-83Plus-tan, using the design that Aurora drew a few years ago.
I uploaded these and some facing other directions to my gallery here, but I could post them here I anyone thinks I should.

Also, while we may or may not be on the subject, I use Paint.NET for most editing tasks, including these sprites.


i get the feeling that someone else here uses, but idk who. and this is the correct topic for it, yes.

cool sprites bro. i haven't seen any that are that small before.

Alex S

They spin, too:

Spin, spin, spin...


all that comes to mind is them spinning to terminal velocity and shooting into the sky. >:3


I'm now reminded of the spinning during a Mario Party 2 minigame xD


They look good Alex. :D

Alex S

Two more sprites, virus-tan this time:

I also realized that this is probably one of the only pieces of Byte Bandit-tan artwork since Gussy Kenji's original drawing (which was used as a reference).


Do we have a Morris Worm-tan yet? 


@alex: mm, indeed. the Viru-tans are really underrepresented. did you know that plenty of viruses don't have wiki pages, and that the few Viru-kuns that exist on the wiki weren't unified with the -kuns page at one point? :[

(they look nice, btw, made me laugh ^^ )

@stew: don't think so. there aren't many Worm-tans. :\


@Alex: Those look great! Viru-tan fanart ftw! :D

@Stew and Kari: I haven't seen a Morris Worm-tan either.

For what it's worth, I'd like to make a Creeper-tan and Elk Cloner-tan. I even have a few ideas for them. I just haven't gotten around to solidifying those ideas into a coherent concept. : /


go for it if you want, but it could be a whole seperate project to give more art/personality/recognition to those virus/software-tans/-kuns who don't already have it. there are A LOT of viruses which would fall into that catagory. :\


I'm afraid viru-tans aren't quite my area of knowledge, but if you want help in giving personalities to one-shot viru-tans I'd be glad to help!