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Quote from: Aurora Borealis on December 16, 2011, 08:05:18 PM@Bella: I've only watched like one episode of Adventure Time, and I don't know who those characters are, but that's an adorable picture!

I can't really say who they are without spoiling things. >>

...What episode did you see? :o

Aurora Borealis

It was the episode where the protagonists were in a chaotic village where everyone steals everything from each other, or something like that.


Quote from: Aurora Borealis on December 16, 2011, 09:29:12 PM
It was the episode where the protagonists were in a chaotic village where everyone steals everything from each other, or something like that.

City of Thieves! ^^


Quote from: Aurora Borealis on December 16, 2011, 08:05:18 PM
Wow! Long time no see, Captain and Gussy!

@Captain: I'm amazed by the attention to detail in all of those pictures, and in different mediums too!

Thanks! Youve changed a bit too, been following you on DA for some time now.
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From my dA page (with minor name modifications, since I used dA aliases on dA):

2011 Summary of Art:

January: Connecticut-tan, who a friend on dA and I designed. This was a gift art for him, because he gave me a three-month subscription.Watercolors on cold-pressed paper.

February: Watson-tan, an OS-tan representing IBM's Watson artificial intelligence system. (This was of course inspired by Watson's historic appearance on the trivia competition Jeopardy.) Digital painting in Photoshop CS4. I experimented quite bit here with lighting and bioluminescence and REALLY want to draw this character again because she's so much fun to color!

March: Mac OSX Snow Leopard-tan. CS4. I thought this one was kinda dull at first, but in hindsight I really like it and am impressed at how I was able to make a predominantly white color scheme both subtle and vibrant.

April: Nothing uploaded.

May: Sketch of my Strike Witches RPG OC, Celia Baumer. Pencils.

June: My aforementioned RPG OC Celia and my boyfriend's [Stewart's] OC Elenore Petrisse. This was a gift drawing for his birthday and still stands as some sort of personal crowning moment of achievement coloring-wise. Really, I adore how it looks on a screen, I adore how it looks in printed form, the coloring just feels so harmonious and crisp! CS4.

July: SAGE-chan and Whirlwind-hime, two of my bf's OS-tan OCs. I continued to refine the coloring methods I had worked out on June's painting, and am VERY proud of this one too. Both because of the coloring and how I was able to portray the characters - SAGE-tan turned out so cute and sweet-looking and Whirlwind feels so mature and elegant.  CS4.

August: OpenVMS-tan. Lineart and some coloring in The GIMP (earlier that year), finishing work in CS4. The coloring looks softer in this one than the others because it was largely colored at an earlier date when I was using a softer style (see February's painting). I'm impressed by the clothing and hair in this one, since I haven't been able to re-capture a similar level of detail in more recent works.

September: PDP-8 and LINC-tan, OS-tan characters created by me and my bf, respectively. CS4.

October: Whirlwind-hime pinup. This drawing makes me really happy because it was so much fun to work on and I got a lot of good feedback about it! CS4.

November: God-mode SAGE-tan. I love this drawing in theory but it was such a pain to work on, and I don't think I did strong enough lighting effects (considering the huge stain-glass window behind SAGE). I might try making a version with eyes showing in the future, since I suspect I might be put-off by the lack of eyes in this image. CS4.

December: Princess Luna, from MLP:FIM. This was one of those rare paintings that felt effortless and consistently FUN to put together - I think the dark color scheme and gentle lighting had a lot to do with this. Or maybe it was just beginner pony-artists' luck? CS4


ah very nice... I would like to do one of these.. except I didnt really have time to draw... in art school.... . _ .
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Alex S

This is still the place to post random art, right?

In that case... In the time I've been non-memory resident (since like April/May, I think?) I've actually somewhat improved my artistic ability, which currently culminates in the art I've done of two of my DnD characters for one of my friends' campaigns.

Aurora Borealis

@AlexS: Yes.

You've made a lot of progress, and I think this is the first time I've seen you draw people. I remember back with the calculator-tans brainstorming, you described several of the character designs and drew some details, but I can't recall if you drew full characters, or did digital drawings. What classes are those characters? I'm afraid I'm not familiar with DnD- actually, I have no idea where to start with trying to understand it! ^^;

A fairly quick, "Mac-mas" picture I finally got to making! Well, more accurately, it's a snapshot of what Xmas would be like at the Apple family reunions. :D

(the cards that GS/OS-tan, System 6-tan and 7-tan are holding are a reference to HyperCard stacks, and the background was done partly in Mac Paint)

When adding in another character in the background (originally it was just Cheetah-tan), I was trying to decide between having the other character be either Lisa-tan, Mac-tan or Lion-tan, but decided on Lisa-tan because this would be the first time she's been depicted smiling... :P

Merry "mac-mas"!



Lisa and System 7-tan = <3

Beautiful job Aurora! : D

Alex S

@Aurora  Toward the end of that thread, I did try to draw some full-body art for a few of the calcu-tan, such as HP-01-tan and Windows Calc-tan, but they were entirely on paper, and I wasn't good at drawing faces or doing shading back then!

Both of the characters I drew are Warforged, which are essentially robots/androids/etc. The first one is a monk, using a set-up that lets "him" benefit from weapons, unlike 'traditional' monks. The second image is the same character at a higher level.
The other character is a "hybrid wizard/sorcerer", which in terms of the character, means "he" gets lasers. "He" is a mass-produced artillery drone with a chest-mounted cannon, and gained sentience. Which boils down to lasers.

These are hotlinked from my deviantart, which sat mostly unused until I decided these were good enough to go up.

On your art, that looks like what the Mac House would send out as a Christmas card! Or at least the Vintage Macs.


 just a typical scene in our country during/before/after the new year...
warning. some blood and gor-
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Oh you sheep-devil you. :3


And that's why I'm afraid of handling fireworks. >>