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Words can't properly describe how excited I was to see this - my gawd, it's AWESOME! I LOVE IT!!!! :D

Nice try with the subtle link, but this is an image thread -- fate demands it be posted here for posterity!



Also, bday gift from Choco:

Reposted here since Multics in a Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt parody - especially one so darned adorable - demands inclusion in this glorious thread.


Gussy Keniji

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Two of the six demon servants that work for the Witch of the 5th Dimension.

Warufuwa has eyes that are basically the gate to an alternate dimension of pure madness.

Omoisouryo holds immense psionic powers due to him possesing 3 third eyes. The one on his forehead is what he uses for sight. If the other two under neath his bandages ever open. The psionic energy released will literally cause your brain to explode.


Aurora Borealis

Cool! Are those for a game or story you're making? :)

Gussy Keniji

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Characters from a comic I drew back in the 7th grade. I've been doing alot of digging through my old drawings and comics and I've been compelled to re-design alot of characters since...well, I'm alot better at drawing now than I was when I was like, 12.

I'll say that the comic itself had alot of potential if I actually put work in fleshing out the characters more and did a bit more world building. Back then, I wasn't as skilled at those things as I am now so, plotlines were kinda lame and straightforward, but that didn't seem to stop me from drawing over 250 comics :V

I think I can make it even better if I go back and work on it now.



Well, its a C64.
Because Pitkin asked me to draw one, but I dont personally like "old" rendition of it, so tried a fresh design.


Quote from: VonDaab on February 17, 2011, 06:07:17 PM
Well, its a C64.
Because Pitkin asked me to draw one, but I dont personally like "old" rendition of it, so tried a fresh design.

How very respectful of you. =________=;;;;


i think both are cute. :3

page 1, feel free to laugh. v.v;
the panel when she comes in is a parody of this.

Aurora Borealis

Harsh, but I like both C64-tan designs.

First page up! I like it, Choco!


it needs some cleaning. i wasn't going to post it until it was, but i wanted to contribute, too. :[


Dunno who she is, but the lineart looks quite nice. Especially liking how you've done her hair....

And that's a cute first page, Kari. Patiently awaiting more~ ^^


no offense to viper, but every time s/he posts something i feel so discouraged. ;__;


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: \

Assuming you like his/her style, don't feel that way - whenever I see an artist who's style/skill I like, I try to be inspired by it rather than think "oh s/he's so much better at xyz and I'll never be that good (or better)". Think about what s/he's doing and how you can do that yourself; don't be afraid to emulate and try new things~ -W-

Just as a frame of reference, I was really in awe of C-Chan's and Aurora's work when I came here and never thought I'd be able to pick up Inkscape like they did; but I was so inspired by their art - and the artists themselves - that I learned anyway. I can't say I ever got as good as either, but seeing their work and having their encouragement constantly pushed me to try my hardest.

Same goes for Stewart and Nejin and writing. Their stories inspired me to try writing OS-tan fanfiction, and they themselves continue to make me want to do my best to this very day. -W-


eh, it's not entirely that, it's also partially that i've never heard viper say that s/he had these sorts of worries. it's like s/he never even practiced or anything, that it just sorta came to him/her.

it's also that viper told me once that s/he doesn't plan on going pro. i don't mind it as much with you, since you used to be in the same boat as me (and that you worked hard to get where you are today), but just writing this off as a simple hobby bothers me. this is what i want to do for a living. >__<

anyway, this isn't the time or place to debate this. so next post, i'll be showing my next class project. :3