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Started by Myrdin, December 13, 2007, 06:38:44 AM

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I thought the Kerberos Saga was a trilogy at first but it seems like sequels, spinoffs, and ambiguously related items are all over. It's vanilla crazy cake! Did I miss anything here, and what order do they even go in?

Hisatsu - Tachigui Wars (1984)
While Waiting For The Red Spectacles (1987)
The Red Spectacles (1987)
Kerberos Panzer Cop (1988)
StrayDog: Kerberos Panzer Cops (1991)
Jin-Roh (1999)
Kerberos Saga: Rainy Dogs (2003)
Tachiguishi-Retsuden (2004)
Kerberos Panzer Jäger (2006)
Kerberos & Tachiguishi (2006)
Onna Tachiguishi-Retsuden (2006)


._. there are more of them?!?!  I must go find them NAO!
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