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Started by MisterCat, March 24, 2007, 09:20:47 PM

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Ambassadors manga and anime | The Japan Times Online

"Call this cartoon diplomacy or analyze the reasons in detail, but the international concept of Japan will be formed by manga and anime for years to come."



The Vampire Hao

QuoteOne hopes that astute readers and savvy viewers know enough to not take them as true representatives. Still, how they will be understood is hard to predict.

True and very important

QuoteHopefully, though, interest in manga and anime might lead fans to search out other parts of Japanese culture.

xD! What a crazy true O_o

QuoteIt already seems to be encouraging language study in many places around the world.

O_O! i feel bad for not speak japanasse TIME TO DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT! xD!

Holy world this reading makes me think O_o! i like it thanks for sharing this notice!!!