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Public apology

Started by Kami-Tux, March 17, 2007, 10:00:42 AM

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I want to apologize to everyone on the IRC Channel #ostan for my trollong provocong and rudeness. I was very disappointed due to some different things and then that... I want to say sorry, I really regret my actions.

Your Kami-Tux.

PS: If you wonder "WTH?!", you can ignore this thread.

Kial Harry Potter ĉiam faras danĝerajn aferojn?

Pro lia vol\' de mort\'!


Don't worry Kami-tux. I'm sure we were all a little stressed, and probably said things we're quite embarrassed of now. Let's all do better next time ^__^


No problem. Jeff accepts your apology. We all have our bad days.


Kami-Tux, I accept your apology. Also, I apologize for last night's flame war. I hope yinz can forgive me.