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Started by Tsubashi, March 14, 2007, 09:00:22 pm

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About a year ago, I was first introduced to OS-tans while researching Windows 2000. About a months later I found this forum and just started reading posts. I was amazed and astounded at the quality of work produced, and the general air of niceness which permeated the forum! ^__^
After about a month, Fedora-dono asked for 12X12 icons for the wiki. Figuring I could probably produce at least something decent, since it was so small, I went ahead and joined. Still, as I've said in many other posts, I've always been envious of all the people (Nearly everyone here!) who can make such beautiful drawings/artwork.

While most everything I draw on paper turns into giant grey blobs, I've found vector images quite malleable and compatible with my cognitive process. Subsequently, I decided to try my hand at such. I was highly doubtful it would result in anything nice, so I decided to appeal to our resident vector image expert, C-Chan-senpai! C-Chan, apart from being incredibly talented, is very generous and agreed to do a collaborative drawing! We're almost done, and will post it soon! ^o^

Which OS are we drawing? Oh, that's a secret! but I'll give you a hint: It's a new Mac-tan! ^v^

--Ecchi na no wa ikenai toomoimasu!!!


...Or more precisely, a new Apple-tan.  ^___^

BTW, the following is a long-winded speech I want to make, so feel free to skip ahead to the non-quoted section.  ^v^

QuoteFunny that quite a while ago, I was wondering if there was any Apple-based system we missed.  I mean sure, I copped out with the Apple II and all its subsystems, so there was always room to elaborate there,....

But other than that, it seemed like all the major systems were covered.  All done, end of story....  -v-

But leave it to an Apple savant like Tsubashi-dono to come up with the one major system that was missing....  A very important system, for which the likes of Windows CE-tan and Palm-tan oh their livelihoods to.  

So it was a great and joyful thing for me to see Tsubashi's first OS-tan emailed to me,... not only because it was a new, fresh, original OS-tan of the aforementioned importance....

But also because the otherwise timid Tsubashi-san finally took it upon himself to draw something new, fresh and original....  He said, "Hey!  There's no ____-tan", and took the initiative to draw one on his one, pouring all his heart and skills to assemble the character he loved bit by bit.

Sadly, Tsubashi-san also lacks tremendous self-confidence; while I wish he would've emailed me just to show me his handiwork, indeed it turned out to be an appeal to "improve" it.  If I did not, it would not get posted pure and simple, so I agreed.  

Fortunately, since Tsubashi-san is also gifted with a technical approach to things, the past couple of days have been very constructive.  Not straying too far from the source, I tried my best to demonstrate how particular techniques that he admired could be replicated, what he could do to enhance speed, and what considerations he could take into account while pursuing the artistic goals that most appealed to him.  

He's still a bit of a chicken, so after the online equivalent of rock-paper-scissor, I also agreed to post the finished project while he hides in the corner apparently expecting a Waka-style reception.  -v-'
But at least I'm happy that he does understand what needs to be done, and has the source file to study at his leisure.

There is in fact a second drawing, but that one, miraculously, he is confident-enough to finish AND post on his own.  Therefore, I hope everyone here is willing to support Tsubashi-san in his endeavor to become the next emerging OS-tan artist in our forum.  ^___^

He has the talent and he has the courtesy,... he just needs the courage to pursue his dreams!  ^o^

So without further ado, I present Tsubashi-dono's first OS-tan:


(For those unfamiliar with the Apple Newton, it can be considered the first PDA in history -- hence the fairy-like appearnce.  For information about her personality and such,... ask Tsubashi-san.  I'm only the vector graphics consultant here....  ^___^')


Ok...even when I don't like Apples...I like this. A lot.

The concept (The gray scale colors, wings, pen and...what's the name of that thing? I'll leave it as "transparent notebook" lol) relates perfectly to the OS she represents.

And the lineart and coloring/shading work...it's the best I have ever seen from C-chan.
Body proportions, for a chibi, are well done. My only complain would be her feet, but that's just personal taste.

BTW, the skirt on her right side...is it supposed to be white? Just asking

I give it a  rating of "GREAT"

Good work, both Tsubashi and C-chan :D


O_O Shiny...

She's cute XD And I like the transparent board she's holding LOL Most of all, the details on those eyes are outstanding.

11/10  ;010

-War is hell, and I mean to make it so. - William Tecumseh Sherman


Thank you, Darknight, for contributing such nice words about Tsubashi's OS-tan.  ^__^
If you say it loud enough, maybe he'll finally crawl out of his bunker....  Ã,¬vÃ,¬

In any case, here's a lovely Infinity 0 Vision-style 95-tan for you!  ^.^

Though Tsubashi-san exclusively asked me to implement traditional flat-shading, I actually wanted to experiment with soft-shading techniques using the new vector blur filters, so in a way we both sat down to learn something different.  ^___^'

A bit of a failure, though, since old habits die hard and I couldn't disconnect myself from flat-shading 100% (plus it was already diverging too far from his original).  
Nevertheless, I think it's a step in the right direction, and it's better that Tsubashi-san start off now on the right foot towards creating OS-tans with more mature shading and lighting.  (I admit, many of my older pictures are starting to look dated to me.... -.-)

There is a story that Tsubashi-san has about those white strips on her feet, but the general shape is my own fault due to my growing preference for non-stubbed feet on chibis. -v-'

The transparent notebook has an easter egg to it that only Tsubashi-san can explain (it's an Apple thing.... -v-)

And yes, apparently on the sides of her skirt there is what I can only describe as white "accordian" fabric that divides the front and back of the gray skirt.  This has been confirmed in his second more dynamic pic, which I've gotten a preview of.  ^__^

She's cute XD And I like the transparent board she's holding LOL Most of all, the details on those eyes are outstanding.


Thank you too, Laevatein.  ^__^
Tsubashi-san had the whites flat-shaded because his said he wanted to imitate my traditional eye designs.  But owing to the whole "starting on the right foot" thing, I've agreed to ween off that practice and start adding more gradient lighting to eyes.

It does add a sense of beauty to eyes (as seen in "Air" and "Melancholy of Haruhi..."), and it's not any more difficult to do than simply adding white ellipses.  Tsubashi's already been experimenting with similar gradient lighting techniques for some logos he's making (using a proprietary apple renderer), so recreating those effects (which he also loves) was easy for him.  ^___^



Double-colored eyes?


Fairy wings?





This is precissuly the thing that i-ssu WIN! Unssu! We give it twelve pointssu, ssu! And a free tripssu to Helsinki! WE DEMAND MOARSSU! >v<


*bangs on bunker*

Hear that, scaredy-cat?  ^___^
You get a free trip to Helsinki, so come out of there already!  ^v^

*shakes head*

Tsubash-san said he's busy, but I wonder if maybe the truth is that he's been energized by all your nice comments and is churning out #2 as we speak.  ^__^

In any case, thank y'all for your great support.  ^o^


To be frank, I never have the chance to own an Apple Newton, but that I believe was the earliest Tablet PC ever. I use to see those when I was around the 4th grade...

Oh wait:P  That's not the earliest, I think it's the Dynabook from Xerox. I almost forgot about that! But isn't the original design and concept oF the modern PDAs came from Newton?

Tsubashi, I am suprised you can draw something nice :D ! I love how you made her wings and its semi-transparent green color.

I also love the dress. It really looks simple yet elegant! I hope this is a good start for you to create more -tans.

Who knows you might  draw Modbook-tan for sometime in the future   ;)


Quote....Dynabook from Xerox

Something to keep in mind when designing PilotOS-tan.  ^__^
*scribbles down notes*

QuoteWho knows you could draw Modbook for sometime in the future :P

I've been saying it,...
I've been saying it for ten damn years, ain't I been saying it?

A Tablet Mac WOULD - SELL - BIG!!!!!!!!!!!!



Amazing!!! This is awesome!!!

Now i must do something too ^^
~Everything is learnable!~
It comes only on it, how much strives and time you put into it.
And there arn\'t better or worse for us artist only different!
All Artists have their own individually styles and all drawings have their own good sides!


Thank you on behalf of Tsubashi and myself, Thurosis-san.  ^__^

Now if you'll excuse me...  -v-

*graps xtra-large pipe wrench and starts banging on bunker door*

*clang clang clang!!!*


*clang clang clang!!!*



SUGOISSU! Who wants to join the swooning club now, ssu? WELL I DO, SSU!


*peeks out of bunker*
*Faints at the sight of Infinity Zero Vision fanart*
Sugoi! Those are amazing!

Arigatou, everyone! I didn't expect such nice responses ^__^

Quote from: "Darknight_88""transparent notebook"

I guess it is a bit obscure, but the "Transparent Notebook" was taken from the Inkwell logo. Inkwell is a revised version of Rosetta, which was the Newton's handwriting recognition program!

Quote from: "C-Chan"There is a story that Tsubashi-san has about those white strips on her feet,

Yeah, Actually those were inspired by a friend's MessagePad 2100, which has two PCMCIA expansion slots. When drawing the original, the feet looked bad at first, so I added those to "fancify" them ^^'

QuoteThe transparent notebook has an easter egg to it that only Tsubashi-san can explain (it's an Apple thing.... -v-)

Oh yeah! The easter egg...
Umm... though you probably can't see it, and since I don't have the source with me at the moment, the orange notebook actually has the words "ROSETTA! ROSETTA! Hey, that's me!" in reverse. This is in reference to the easter egg in the print recognizer which replaces "ROSETTA! ROSETTA! ROSETTA!" with "ROSETTA! ROSETTA! Hey, that's me!" ^__^

Though I think they took it out in newer versions ^^'

Quote from: "C-Chan"and is churning out #2 as we speak. ^__^

Well, actually I was almost done, but I forgot to plug in my UPS, and we had a power outage. T_T
Now the file is corrupted (Or at least, unopenable), so I'm going to have to start over ;_;

Quote from: "Alfamille"Tsubashi, I am suprised you can draw something nice

Thank you, but Senpai is just being too modest. He did a very lot! ^-^

Quote from: "Thurosis"Now i must do something too ^^

Yay, even more Thurosis-sama drawings! I can't wait!!! ^o^


I can't belive it! Thoses are so Kawaii! Arigato Gozaimasu, Infinity_zero-sama!!!

--Ecchi na no wa ikenai toomoimasu!!!


Good job! This Tux likes it!

Kial Harry Potter ĉiam faras danĝerajn aferojn?

Pro lia vol\' de mort\'!

Aurora Borealis

Excellent work! ;010 Sadly I nearly forgot about the Newton ;__;

But seeing the awesome Newton-tan you made sure helped me remember! You shall not be forgotten, Apple Newton! I should make some fanart of her too!