Mini 2k-Tan

Started by infinity_zero, March 10, 2007, 10:50:20 pm

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She is Worker.

p.s. next time, you just look virus-tan!




Wow! You're fast!

Since your producing so many, why don't you make one thread called something like "Mini OS-tans" and post them all there?

--Ecchi na no wa ikenai toomoimasu!!!



infinity_zero, I thereby name you my GOD and SAVIOUR O_O

Although, what's 2K kicking anyways? XD

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thats some MAD SKILLZZZZ

nicely done, and so quick...  ;010
My my, aren't you lovely~


Can't we ask someone to dub infizer-san to knight of the binary table or something? ^_^
Great job as always.


*nods approvingly*  ^-^

I know a certain person who'll have to retract his criticism levied against speed drawing.  Infinity-san is fast and has great presentation,... for the line of work that we do, that gets you more bang for your buck....  ^v^

Infinity-san, Mini 2k-tan is very well done, but I agree that it is time to create a Mini OS-tan super thread, where all your work is posted.  That way, you don't spread yourself out too thin, like I did when I first came here.  -v-


I have no problem with speed drawing, I have a problem with sacrificing quality for speed.  Her drawings are beautiful and well drawn and I cant say I have a problem with them at all. their great.
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