Book about anime/manga impact in U.S.

Started by MisterCat, February 11, 2007, 12:40:32 AM

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There is nothing two-dimensional about Japanese manga in the U.S. | The Japan Times Online

"The Japan Times Online provides daily English-language news reports and features on Japan, covering national news, business news, sports news, plus analysis and information on entertainment, art, leisure and communities in Tokyo and other major cities."




Interesting read. ^^

"[T]he strict codes of etiquette and behavior that govern daily life in Japan also allow for an extraordinary degree of creative and social permissiveness"

I..... am not sure I follow this statement though.  I somehow feel this makes sense, but me logic sez otherwise


Thank you very much! Japanese news in english and I love the articles on that website! There's some very good article writers there, great to read them!