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Started by L33t 4g3nt, May 08, 2005, 02:02:34 AM

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Yep, and apparently we are from all around the world over here so youll be right at home. This is one of the only places on the earth i belive, where my english is considered good. :P


I live on the border of Cleveland and Lakewood in Ohio, Lakewood side.  Cleveland's literally a block behind me.  But it's my uncle's house I'm living at right now, for school.

In about a month I'll be moving back to my grandma's house in Doylestown, OH (near Akron) for my summer job at the Summit County MetroParks.

My parent's house, and where most of my stuff is still hiding, is in Mechanicsburg, OH.  Which is a small town about a half-hour away from Springfield, OH.

Until we moved in 4th grade, I lived in Barberton, OH (also near Akron).

And I spend a heck of a lot of my time in Columbus, OH, where most of my friends live.

I'm just an Ohio person.


hey tanuki!
gw jg dari bandung! XD
ti sukajadi~!!

btw my current location is Singapore


OK, Dunia emang sempit (OK, The World IS small)


hey tanuki u know u can post in other topics as well ... it just seem tht u only posted here


I am from Washington State.  Thought I wish I could someday go to Japan.  Maybe during the summer I might also go and visit Canada.


where at in washington?  I was from there before i joined the marine corps.... Everett area actually, heck ill be in lynwood here in a month or two for vacation.
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The city I live in is Federal Way/Kent


I think I went there like.... once. I dont remember what for.  I like washington tho, beats the hell out of southern california.. Once I get out Im never going back there -.- well maybe comic con every year.
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Alex Stankevitch

Im not sure but maybe im the only Brit in here?

Anyways im from Warrington, Cheshire. If anyone wants to know its 20 miles west of Manchester in the UK.

And also, ive been an anime for a while but it was a friend from Newark that told me about OS-tan though nothing about websites. Thank Google im here...


I'm not sure. There are probably some others. All I can say is I'm from America, just west of Washington DC, but east of Cleveland.


Yeah... I'm not sure if anyone active here is from the UK.

I've never been across the Atlantic.  Only across the Pacific.  ...multiple times. (Philippines, Singapore, Hong Kong, Thailand, Japan)

And Jeff is curious as to why the Captain doesn't like southern cali.

Alex Stankevitch

Ive been Hong Kong, Malaysia and Austrailia. Very nice down that part of the world, at least if your a tourist.


Loved Hong Kong. (apart from my mom's obsessive shopping, of course. haha)

I have proof of my visit!!

I want to go to Malaysia.  Too bad I didn't get to go while in Singapore... oh well, next time.

....I didn't mention where I was from, did I? Well, if you haven't figured out from what's under my avatar... Los Angeles, California.  And not in one of those numerous residential towns with names around LA.  Downtown's right next door. I really live in Los Angeles.


Someday I wish to go to Asia. I have been to Europe several times.