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Started by L33t 4g3nt, May 08, 2005, 01:02:34 AM

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QUOTE (FabianN @ May 7 2005, 09:59 PM)
I live in about mid Oregon. [/quote]
usally sat. night.


 hiho ^^' I am coming originally from Austria (note: Not australia!) but I am living in Germany now ^^'  (hope, this explains my bad english grammar too ^^' *coughs*)

Mata ne

L33t 4g3nt

 Wow, austria. We're getting a lot of people from out of the US, that's cool. And quite a few from europe, methinks.


or should i say germany


QUOTE (Darknight_88 @ Sep 15 2005, 11:22 PM)
Mexico...ya somos 2 latinos!!!w00t!
Im also lonely here T.T, no one knows anything about OS-tans...
I heard about OS-tans in another forum (a thread about wallpapers)...then, searched along all the forum looking for the name of that cute image (95 tan!!!!), finally, found a lil paragraph mentioning the name "OS-tans", and then, went to the almighty wikipedia. wohooo! [/quote]
In all these things, we are 90% alike, i assure you... Wikipedia IS the Encyclopedia, by the way. :thumbup:  


 Catalonia, Spain  :3

That explains my poor english XD
And... people here knowing about OS-TANS.... well... I never asked  .__.U
But i'm drawing right now some OS-TANS and talking about them to my friends XP
(well, i'm studying in a Comic and Art School, I draw manga and my objective is to live like a mangaka in japan! XP, or anywhere... ^^U)

http://img328.imageshack.us/img328/9368/mifirmarakihate0gw.jpg\' border=\'0\' alt=\'user posted image\' />


 Clermont Ferrand, France :D

And that'll explain also my variable english level :P


 I live in Florida... I get on when ever really, maybe if I want to upload an image or look through the galleries.
There is no such thing as free will as long as living destiny lingers.


 Hummm I wonder if there are any OS tan fans in Iraq ?  :huh:   :lol: I ghighly doubt it. Ill be the first when I get there (well maybe other service men like meself)
"YOU IDIOT!!" -Kasen Ibara

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bobthecreep I just noticed your from cali too, where exactly is chino?
"YOU IDIOT!!" -Kasen Ibara

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Wow everyone is from all over and im just in the US up here in Iowa. The only people even remotly interested in the OS tans up here are my friends that i showed them too. Eh, its better than nothing, expecially seeing as it sounds like many of you live in places with less exposure to them.



I'm new around here... yoroshiku onegaishimasu

I'm posting form Bandung, Indonesia... A little Crowded city if I say...
(I'm sorry for the bad grammar)

hope we'll getting along fine...

Arigatou Gozaimasu


Indonesia, wow, long way from here. Are there many that know of the OS-tans there?


Well, I know some of my friends in my college who knows about OS-tans, in fact, it is them who make me know about OS-tans :). I dont know about any other people in my country, or my town, or even in my college who knows about OS-tans. But I think, there's more people than the ones I know, who knows about OS-tans.


Aye, im sure there are, we seem to be an odd bunch too, those who are drawn to them for some strange reason...



Sometimes, some of us is considered to be odd , by most people, for some reason.

But, in my point of view, it's quite fun for me to have only a small group of OS-tan fan. It's like having a small, private group that you can involve deeply with it.