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Started by Megaman Z, February 13, 2007, 06:18:22 AM

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Megaman Z

I'm sure that one of you may have -possibly- looked at what I have my home page set as and noticed this, but right now I'm really in need of help on two fronts:

A) I need step artists to handle the songs for the mix. I have most of the music (cut versions where applicable), so if anyone wants to take a song on and try to step it, go ahead and say so either here or on the official forums for it.

B) I need graphical artists for the theme and songs. I'm handling the theme metrics personally, but my artistical skills are not up to scratch and if I end up having to do the artwork, there's no way in hell I'm gonna get the preview version out on time. - official forums

the version of SM that is being used, for obvious reasons, is SM 3.9.


I guess its worth a try!  I can try and step it since I got the whole step pad setup and everything.  It might take me awhile since I'm currently still learning it but I can give it a try.

Megaman Z

at this point, I'm not really too concerned about the quality of the stepcharts or graphics (we can fine-tune them after the preview version).


If you still need artists come mid-May, I'd be happy to lend my services.  ..You'd just have to remind me that I told you that. XD;

Megaman Z

SleepyD>>I'm pretty sure I won't forget, considering you made the 1000th post in this particular forum to say that.

Megaman Z

the very dilligant individuals will be able to uncover the conditions for the EX and Encore EX stages before I release the preview.

and on a similar note: less than a week, or BUST.

anyone wishing to have their artwork on the results screen (whether it's the song, course, or summary screens) just PM me with it. if you know how to make BGAnimation.ini's, feel free to make those and submit them with your artwork. do NOT put conditionals in your BGA's, I'll handle them myself (some things won't work right with the theme anyways). the images (for stills) needs to be 640x480 or some multiple of that. I have a generic BG in case I don't get artwork for the results.