Stupid Questions With STUPIDER answers

Started by NejinOniwa, February 11, 2007, 03:25:19 pm

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because they are emo, and no one would notice them if they were white.

what sort of candy is best used as a projectile?


use M&M's, they serve as good bullet when shooting a pipe cannon xD (refer pic)
rrelated pic

wwydi... ^(refer pic) that really happen?


I CHEW, THEREFORE I AM GOD *munchmunchmunch* (amidst screms of agony)

(isn't that one better reserved for the wwydi thread?)

why is there no invention for streaming data directly to the brain?


(i got the wrong thread, but does work)

So you can't download exam's question and answer into your brain and comes out of the faculty office empty handed (I'd like to do that tho)

why is there a fountain of youth but there's no fountain of prodigy?


Because we as a species are too stupid to make it.

What would happen if i had nothing but index cards for breakfast?


It will set to be a new trend, where no one's gonna eat cereal for breakfast anymore but they're goin for Index card. WORLD!! xD

what would happen if the world no longer need for money?


they need for flesh and turn into zombies.

what would happen if i wore MEAT NECKLACE?


Beware of stray 'wolf', they follow the smell of meat but they didn't hunt for meat... they'll chase you and... (leaves to imagination)

If only I can get back to the past and bring nowadays internet knowledge, what could possibly happen today?


the 50's image of "THE FUTURE" comes to life: tacky, ringed collars, floofy hairstyles, box robots and dopey looking flying cars.

what would happen if i built my friend a house out of rhubarb?


the big bad wolf would come and turn into GlaDOS, resulting in much cake.

supposing that clouds are made of fishmeat, what would occur if said fish-clouds encounter extreme weather, such as cat-nado?


Purr-sounding vibrations would resonate throughout the sector, even drowning out the sounds of any scrambling fighter jets or nearby erupting volcanos. And, uh... I guess the catnado would probably make short work of the clouds... ehm... fishclouds, is it? This event would probably be televised. And broadcasted on Youtube. Pretty soon, people (including eye-witnesses for some reason??) would start to call it photoshopped. And then Mr T's press secretary at the White House would lay down the truth on his behalf so that he can earn props from all the weather forecasters in hopes of winning a sixth term as president of the United States... And, uh... yeah.

That sums it up... So...

A two part question:

1.)  Do zombies really exist??

2.)  Are missile silos soundproof?  I'm getting sick of the zombies outside...

3.)  Disregard 1.... srsly, halp! Lost earplugs. Out of ammo. Getting annoyed at the zombies!



why are asses non-inflatable? :\


Because the physics of Soviet Russia are a bit different than you'd expect, of course. :p


How is babby formed?

How girl get pregnant?


when a man loves a woman, he can't keep his mind on football.

why is my hair growing so slow?


because your shampoo is actually butter hand soap

Why is my head so big?
My my, aren't you lovely~