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Started by MisterCat, October 08, 2006, 07:11:06 PM

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the manga kicks so much more ass then the show...

I wonder if codisan has boobie missels?
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manga is usually (95% of the time) is better than the anime. the only manga i've ever read that wasn't as good as the anime has to be Angelic Layer but that only cause it was one of the first manga's ever drawn by CLAMP ;013


Angelic Layer one of the first mangas by CLAMP? O_o

If I'm not mistaken, it ran as manga in the turn of the century, Magic Knight Rayearth (1993) being 6-8 years older than Angelic Layer. I'm not 100% sure, but I believe there're at least half a dozen CLAMP works older than AL, and Chobits coming out about right after it. ^^;


X/1999, Tokyo Babylon, RG Veda, 20 Masks ni onegai, CLAMP Campus Detectives, Miyuki-chan in Wonderland, Card Captor Sakura, etc. etc. etc.. there are tons of works older than Angelic Layer.

Personally I think AL is one of their weakest. Try Tokyo Babylon!

/back on topic XD

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QuoteQuote from : CaptBrenden

the manga kicks so much more ass then the show...

I wonder if codisan has boobie missels?


I don't know o.o

That sounds like something that needs to be tested. *nod*
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"YOU IDIOT!!" -Kasen Ibara

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who ever does do it Capt there a possible tht they will be blow to bits, unless they have a sheild of some sort ;034

*use Capt as a shield*

*walk slowly to rdhdtwns*

everybody be kool ;071

I need more shields ;025


i like watching explosions  o_o  *grabs a chair and waits for the fireworks to begin*


I do obviously :P
anyway, yeah it does seem women seem to be more and more well endowed these days
must be something in the water
but i gotta say i'm not too fond of huge breasts
C-cup is great, DD is getting a bit too big for my taste and they usually look ugly with nipples the size of an Xbox ugh -_-


Xyanide, your point of view on ridiculously-large breasts in artwork coincides exactly with my own.  There's an element within fandom which seemingly enjoys demeaning anime/games/manga characters by giving them breasts the size of dirigibles; and, unfortunately, that sort of malicious distortion seems to work its way into the commonly-perceived "knowledge" people have of the characters so dishonored.

I'm sorry to see the immature faction in fandom has long since put XP-Pro-tan on its hit list, giving her detractors even more ammunition with which to hurl insults at her persona.  A classic case of this discrediting strategy has to do with the console game Final Fantasy VII and its character Tiffany ("Tifa") Lockhart.

Yes, the game's producers gave Tifa large breasts; but the fandom creeps who enjoy impeaching female anime/games/manga characters began a blitz of renderings depicting her as having obscenely-huge breasts.  That's all they want to talk about ââ,¬â€ that and her wardrobe.

No mention is made of Tifa's devotion to just causes, et cetera; no, the pervert faction floods the common discourse with their rantings about her breasts, wardrobe and supposed enmity toward Aeris Gainsborough.  They insist Tifa is a slut, of which there is no proof.

This makes me angry, because in Tifa we've a character who lays her life on the line to stand up for the disadvantaged; and all the immature little tossers can talk about is irrelevant and superficial crap.  Grow up!

Am I taking all this too seriously?  What I'm taking seriously is the absolute shallowness of a faction in fandom which wants to spread its perverted views throughout the entire anime/games/manga community of readers and viewers.




Mr. Cat I was talking about RL boobs actually, not only in artwork of anime and manga, too big RL boobs can be shockingly nasty even

and i agree on the artwork part, huge breasts are tasteless


Some years ago, I worked at a hospital and one of my co-workers was a young gal named Shae.  She was about 5 feet in height and had large, natural, breasts.  (She was also one of the best-looking and intelligent gals I've ever met!)  Of course, I didn't often see her in anything apart from a laboratory coat.  One day, when she was wearing as an outer garment a form-fitting sweater instead of the usual laboratory coat, I saw her running full speed with some X-ray films.  It was, to be sure, a sight to remember.

Thing of it is, though, some gals naturally have really-big breasts.  Others have really-big butts and/or hips.  Some look like they're going to keel over from anorexia nervosa, even though they're merely naturally thin.  I don't care how they're built:  It's their attitude which counts!

I'm way overweight anymore, so I've no room to laugh and point when it comes to anatomy.  During my early adolescence, I was the 98-pound weakling who had sand kicked in his face by muscle boys at the beach who objected to my talking with "their" girls; and now I'm the guy who could float for days without the aid of a life jacket.




Quote from: "CaptBrenden"who gets to test em? XD

Maybe some kind of perv, lucky guy. The question is: Does he gets paid for his job?