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Windows Vista

Started by Laevatein, February 08, 2007, 06:46:47 am

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Well I'm a Vista user. Bought my new PC with it and I actually kinda like it. I mean its got its problems, like the good ole Blue Screen of Death. But overall its great. I just hope the problems are fixed with SP1.


Quote from: "NejinOniwa"E=mc2...


*hem* Sorry.
Currently using a Vista machine to connect, and I'm crying bloody murder all the damn time the freakishly bad OS makes its existence known. It's annoying, it's slow, it's paranoid, it's more graphic-spamming than the worst flash sites, but WORST OF ALL, IT'S FSCKING HOME BASIC SO IT AIN'T EVEN GOT AERO!!! 1 CR41 L43m4g3!!! D13!!! D1111111111333333333333!!!!!!!!!!



Sorry 'bout the 1337, been reading to much MT today for my own sanity...


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oh and also, i has a h4w4i sh1rtzor. it iz redz. -w-

I'm use Windows Vista Home Basic and I'm don't find any bugs or errors. Yes, all versions of Vista are paranoid, BUT you can unable UAC. Vista is slow? No, Vista works with normal speed. Vista is annoying? ??? Also, I'm dont find any graphic spam. AND WORST OF ALL, YOU CRYING BECAUSE YOU HAVEN'T AERO THEME!!! LOL!!! HAHAHAHAHAAHAAHAAHAHAHAHA!!!
Believe me, VIsta is good OS!
P.S.: I am against those people who are against Windows Vista!!!


NEWSFLASH, newfag:
It may be slightly different now, but please. (plus, that was on a computer in the house we rented =not mine, fgs, thus UAC was not to be disabled.)
Also, I had Vista on LAMBDA for ~half a year. A month or so after buying her I got DELTA upgraded to Win7, and was very pleased with the result; ever since then I was bugged to varying degrees with the small, annoying differences between 7 and Vista. I didn't upgrade because of fear of losing the little awesome drivers and apps and functionality I bought LAMBDA for in the first place (like the cool GemstoneBlue media controller, etc) - however, in february she started bluescreening uncontrollably whenever you as much as touched the USB ports, which finally drove me past the turning points. The upgrade was a bit of a hassle, true, and some of the applets aren't entirely functional yet (bluetooth) or work differently; however, she runs better, she's more beautiful and LESS NOISY SOMEHOW, and generally possesses the flair and awesomeness that a good 7 computer has. Besides, some of the built-in stuff is working even BETTER after the upgrade...so yeah. I call fair trade and more than that.

TL;DR - Vista is slow, compared to 7 and XP. Vista is annoying, compared to 7 and XP (for other reasons than UAC, crapsack). Vista is slightly less buggy now thanks to the two (2!) Service packs (or security packs, I dunno what) that have been released - it is still, however, WAY buggier than Windows 7 - and that's despite all the "new OS compatibility problems" and "x64->x86 wow problems" that are around for 7. Believe me, Vista is only "good" until you've seen a properly configured 7 (I assume you're too modern to use an obsolete OS like XP).

PS: No, you're just a fag (and a necro, to boot), and you should be grateful Aurora isn't here hammering you for being a pain in the general ass of the forum.

Have a nice day,
//Nejin Oniwa, Demon Overlord

Aurora Borealis

No one is going to get banned as long as a flame war doesn't start. Bumping a thread that's been dead for two years generally isn't cool, but there's still some room for meaningful discussion in this thread.

But if no one is interested, or this topic gets out of hand, I'll lock it.


Yeah, but necroing AND quoting a 3-year old post...? That's just raw bite, man. Plus it got personal. -v-;
Anyway, /ragemode was a bit too much, perhaps - but a lockdown would be appreciated.
admit though, it was a pretty good counter-flame -w-


seconded. newfag shouldn't be taking a high-and-mighty attitude when he only has 6 POSTS TO HIS NAME. it's an opinion thing, and he treats it like we're calling the nazis saints. personally, i HATE vista. the thought of someone UPGRADING to VISTA makes me wanna barf, and just ask, "why, why do yo hate your computer so much??"

i am dealing with an early version of vista, which is probably why i feel this way. i find windows 7, while a little slow on my computer, to be MILES (or kilometres if you're in europe or elsewhere) ahead of vista. argo's MUCH faster on the uptake of certian things than this piece o' crap i'm on right now ("family" computer), hasn't crashed once and despite being a hacked copy on a homemade system, runs something lovely.

pps: i'm against THAT GUY.

lockdown for old topic that doesn't really have much left to say...

Aurora Borealis

You and Nejin make a point, but was harsh and we don't want a new member to feel unwelcome and be scared away by this.

This thread being so outdated, it'll be closed. If all of you want to continue debating the merits/lack of Vista, you can start a new thread, but KEEP IT CIVIL!