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Windows Vista

Started by Laevatein, February 08, 2007, 06:46:47 am

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Wise, in my opinion...also i don't want to switch to vista-crap because of the hells you'll have to go through to do what you want with it, and the fact that it's an even bigger memory hoggard and waste than XP. Also, because it's just fanboy shit (those idiots) and because "everyone" says that all the new stuff released won't support the old OSes (a promise i am determined to prove wrong). Also i just kind of like my XP pro, so...screw that.


I've found a cool freeware that can chage XP and Server 2003 UI to look like Vista. Wanna try? Here!


1. Before installing, I recommend you to set a system restore point first. Because It'll change the values in some system files.
2. As the developer says. DO IT AT YOUR OWN RISK!

But for me. It seems no problem so far. Just the slightly slow loading.

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I already have the setup DVD , too bad Vista doesn't support GeForce4 MX. Damn, need to change my graphic card.

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Heard several instances of Vista not supporting most modern PCs and people having to buy new ones that have Vista on them.

And here's where things get stupider...

The Zune is not compatible with Vista! That's right! M$'s music player is not compatible with their next generation OS! (Actually I'm not sure about that anymore because they might have fixed that though)

And incidentally, neither are selling too well. Hmm...


Well, Vista does run on nice configs... (This page is not translated:   http://winhistory.de/more/386/vistamini.htm Do you trust me that it says an AMD K5 90 MHz as well as 224 MB of RAM are enough?) Even though they are far less amazing than the XP on 8MHz, which winhistory.de (well, its users) managed to acheive. http://winhistory.de/more/386/xpmini_eng.htm

Running nice however is another issue and there I totally agree with you, the requirements are horrible.

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Just for some amusement, I tried to install Vista today, and it worked! But the downside was that Aero wouldn't activate at all, and my GeF4MX got 1.0 mark in performance rating :(.

Well, I guess it's time to migrate to Vista now.


I can help you migrate to a Unix! It's more secure, it's free and it will not phone home. Did I mention that it looks better?

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Kial Harry Potter ĉiam faras danĝerajn aferojn?

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Aurora Borealis

What does Vista look like without the Aero interface?


From what I've seen, it looks like Windows classic if you disable the Aero interface.

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Aurora Borealis

You mean like the GUI of 95, 98, ME and 2000 (and XP by default)?


Wikipedia Windows Vista


There's a section showing Vista in its different GUI's, including Windows Aero, Vista Basic, and Classic.

-War is hell, and I mean to make it so. - William Tecumseh Sherman


like a great smart pal .... says

Definantly gonna hold off on getting Vista.
I just don't have a reason to get it! XP suits my needs just fine.

im agree whit zerodin ....
Why ? because ... y think that vista was a resource waste ....
vista need a lot of resources for a little less than mac os ....

but ... if you want to try ....



i'll keep myself with XP for another few years, since most of the interface were new, i dun think that i'll should be hasty in switching windows.

but anyway to those who want to try it, then go on.


Vista still has stability issues specially when it comes to hardware compatibility. but it is relatively more secure than XP. ^_^


I am sure the DRM will rip open completely new holes. :)

Kial Harry Potter ĉiam faras danĝerajn aferojn?

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